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Heather Glubo, PhD
Heather Glubo, PhD
Psychologist, director of behavioral medicine, the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy, New York, US
“Through my training and experience, I’ve found that when we treat a whole person rather than a list of symptoms, overall outcomes can be significantly improved.”
Areas of expertise
  • Psychology and behavioral medicine
  • Anxiety, depression, and emotional regulation difficulties in young adults
  • Mental health for new moms
  • Neurological and medical conditions such as concussion, traumatic brain injury, headaches, pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and issues affecting female health
“Our perception is the lens with which we understand and navigate the world. I love helping my patients adjust their perceptions by meeting them where they are and serving as a mirror through which they can see their world a little differently. This creates the space for small shifts that compound, leading to dramatic results.”
— Heather Glubo, PhD
  • American Institute for Cognitive Therapy – Director of behavioral medicine, runs the young adult group
  • Mount Sinai Hospital – Supervisor to psychiatry fellows 
  • Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology – Adjunct faculty clinical supervisor
  • Serves on the New York State Psychological Association Division of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
  • American Psychological Association’s Committee – Past Northeast regional advocacy coordinator and representative
  • Linehan Institute Training Company – Dialectical behavior therapy intensive training with behavioral tech
  • Marquette University – Neuroanatomical dissection on the human brain and spinal cord
  • PSI and 2020 Mom – Maternal mental health certificate training for mental health and clinical professionals
  • New York University Langone Medical Center – Fellowship in clinical neurorehabilitation psychology at Rusk Rehabilitation, 201 –2014
  • Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and Albert Einstein College of Medicine – PhD in clinical psychology, 2007–2012
  • New York University Langone Medical Center – Internship in psychology at Rusk Rehabilitation, 2011–2012
Awards and achievements
  • Recipient of several postdoctoral and predoctoral research awards
  • Speaker at numerous national and international conferences, universities, and medical centers, such as the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Young Investigators Symposium
Academic memberships
  • Fellow of the New York State Psychological Association’s Leadership Institute, 2014
Appearances and publications in other media
International Journal of MS Care, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 1–10.,
01 Feb 2017
Screening Instruments for the Early Detection of Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
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