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Dr. Iyabo Webzell
Dr. Iyabo Webzell
Pediatrician, private practice, Georgia, US
“I love to work with kids and their families and give them the tools and resources to look after their health. It’s so incredible to watch my young patients grow, with me by their side cheering them on.”
— Dr. Iyabo Webzell
Career Highlights
  • Owner and president of private practice, Milestone Pediatrics, Atlanta, GA, 2004–present
  • Business and lifestyle coach for medical professionals and women, 2017–present
  • Motivational speaker who has spoken multiple times in front of the United Nations and women’s conferences
  • Author of the book Permanent Happiness
  • Board-certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatricians
  • Residency in pediatrics at Bronx Lebanon Hospital of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, New York, NY, 1998–2001
  • Residency in pediatrics in the United Kingdom, 1994–1998
  • Medical degree from the University of Lagos College of Medicine, 1992
  • Bachelor’s degree from Queens College, Lagos, 1986
My Journey in Medicine

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and found a passion for medicine and helping people at a young age. At just 16 years old, I started medical school in Lagos and went on to complete my residency training in the United Kingdom and then the United States, where I’ve been based for over 20 years. 

In 2004, I opened my private pediatric practice in Atlanta, Georgia, where I live with my husband, daughters, and stepsons. Our overarching mission at Milestone Pediatrics is to provide excellent preventive care to our patients in a welcoming and friendly environment. I feel honored to be able to serve a very diverse patient population, and we pride ourselves in empowering each one of them to take care of their health. We believe reading is an essential part of early childhood development and give books to every child from six months to five years old at each visit. I also enjoy sharing my love for pediatrics by mentoring medical students in our office; I’ve taught hundreds of students over the years! 

Besides my clinical practice, I am an author, blogger (The Peace Place Blog), motivational speaker, and business and lifestyle coach. I’m passionate about equipping physicians and dentists with the necessary tools to achieve work–life balance, reduce burnout, and practice self-care. I also coach women in other professions to help them accomplish their goals, have financial freedom, and live a healthy lifestyle. In my work, I am committed to promoting peace on all levels and encouraging people to find happiness within themselves.

I joined Flo as a Medical Advisor in 2019. In my role, I write and edit articles related to pediatric care to help the millions of parents around the world who use our app look after their children’s health.

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