Dr. Matthew Fenech, PhD

Cofounder and chief medical officer at Una Health GmbH, Germany

Dr. Matthew Fenech, PhD, is the cofounder and chief medical officer at Una Health GmbH. He is passionate about the development of healthtech products that are safe, effective, and useful for patients and health care providers alike. He worked for 10 years as a clinical academic, specializing in Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Then he moved into technology policy and authored various seminal reports and peer-reviewed publications on the ethical and sociopolitical challenges of applying artificial intelligence to health care. To deepen his understanding of these technologies, he completed a master’s degree in computational cognitive science with a research focus on computational models of clinical decision-making.

Before cofounding Una Health, he was responsible for medical safety at Ada Health. There, he was deeply involved in product development and led the discussion on safety by design throughout the product life cycle. He continues to develop international guidelines and standards and is an advisor to organizations ranging from the British Standards Institute to the Centre for Health, Law, and Emerging Technologies at the University of Oxford.