Shani Jay

Empowerment coach, yoga teacher, and bestselling author, UK
Work Experience: 5+ years in coaching, yoga, and writing

“With my writing and coaching, I want to provide women all around the globe with an inspiring guide to self-love, an instant confidence boost, and a reminder that they hold the key to their own happiness and a glitter-filled life.”

Career Highlights

  • Founder and CEO of She Rose Revolution, an empowerment publishing firm for women
  • Founder of The Glow Getter Tribe, 2016–present
  • Best-selling author of three books on self-love and female empowerment
  • Empowerment coach and workshop leader
  • Speaker at international events
  • RYT-200 yoga teacher
  • Writer for many businesses, including Thought Catalog, Zoosk, HuffPost, Teen Vogue, and Medium


  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, 2012

Featured Publications

  • Bloom: A Gift For The Girl Learning To Love Her Beautiful Soul. Thought Catalog, 2017.
  • The Babe Bible. She Rose Revolution, 2017.
  • Glow Getter: Adore the Journey to a Fabulous New Life You Love, Conquer Anything, and Become the Woman You Always Dreamed of Being. Serendipity Island, 2017.

My Journey

I believe I was put on this Earth to help women reclaim their forgotten power, embody their sacred feminine gifts, and have the courage to walk their soul path. My work centers around female empowerment and self-love. Through my writing, workshops, retreats, 1:1 coaching programs, and yoga classes, I show women how to love and accept themselves, feel beautiful in their bodies, and step into their authentic truth. This journey starts from within.

Each woman holds the key to her own happiness and fulfillment, and I aim to show them how to unlock it. I want to teach people that it’s totally OK to be completely, unapologetically themselves. A few years ago, I founded The Glow Getter Tribe, a self-love and kindness movement to help women everywhere feel happy, confident, and beautiful. I also started a female publishing firm and teach writing courses to help women realize their dream of releasing a book.  

I love creating content for female-focused brands that help women everywhere feel empowered and healthy. By collaborating with Flo, I have the opportunity to reach even more people with positive messages so they can feel amazing about themselves. 

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