Shanna Hutcheson, RD, LD, CHC

Registered Dietitian, Wellness Blogger; Kansas City, MO, USA
Work Experience: 5 years’ experience in dietetics
Shanna Hutcheson, RD, LD, CHC
“I am motivated to provide people with evidence-based, realistic nutrition advice that they can trust and easily apply to their lives. There are a lot of restrictive diets out there that are not health promoting, and as a dietitian, I want people to know that there are better ways to make changes to their lifestyles that are more sustainable, enjoyable, and better for them, both physically and mentally, long term.”

Shanna Hutcheson is a certified health coach who has worked in inpatient/clinical, school, and corporate wellness settings throughout her career as a dietitian. 


She has an extensive academic background:

  • BS in dietetics and nutrition and health from Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
  • Minor in kinesiology from Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
Passion and motivation

Shanna started her health and wellness blog, Wellness for the Win, in 2015. On her blog, she shares a variety of healthy recipes, nutrition tips, information on intuitive eating, a non-diet approach to wellness, and advice for living a balanced life. 

“I chose to work in wellness/dietetics because I am passionate about helping others improve their overall health and wellbeing through nutrition, intentional movement, and self-care. In my current role, I have the opportunity to work with people of all ages, health statuses, and levels of nutrition knowledge, and it is extremely rewarding to assist them in improving their health and making nutrition more of a priority in their daily lives.“

Shanna enjoys spending time with her husband and two Australian shepherds, Harley and Koda, as well as family and friends. She loves to travel, especially to Colorado, and spend time outdoors.