How Does Flo Respond to Data Requests?

U.S. Law Enforcement Agency Requests FAQ



Flo Health UK Limited is a U.K.-based operator of the Flo reproductive health app. Through its services, Flo provides women world-wide critical access to information about their personal health including in many countries where this information is not otherwise available.  


Purpose of FAQs

These FAQs are intended for law enforcement authorities seeking information concerning Flo user accounts.  The FAQs explain how to submit such requests and how Flo handles them.  These FAQs may be updated as legal developments or company policies warrant.

What User Information Does Flo Collect and Retain?

Please refer to the Flo Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by users.

How to Submit a Request for User Information

All law enforcement requests for copies of user information held by Flo must be submitted directly to Flo’s Chief Legal Officer. The request must be from a law enforcement agency that has proper jurisdiction over Flo and it must be in the form of a valid subpoena that is properly served upon Flo.  

Flo only responds to valid law enforcement requests in compliance with our obligations to the extent required by applicable law.  The request must comply with applicable law and narrowly limit the information that is sought.

What Information must be provided to Flo?

In addition to complying with applicable requirements for obtaining valid legal documents for the sought after information, the request must include details that match the information we have for the specific user that is the subject of an active law enforcement investigation. We must be able to confirm that the request is for that user. 

We will review the request to ensure it is valid. We will reject requests that are overly broad or otherwise legally invalid.

Notice to Affected Users

Unless legally prohibited to do so and where feasible, Flo will notify the account holder or user of the law enforcement request.