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    Published 20 January 2020
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    There are literally thousands of names you can choose for your baby. But if you’re a self-identified hipster or someone who wants to give their child a hipster vibe, then you can’t just choose a common name. We’ve put together a list of some hipster names you might want to think about. 

    What’s a hipster?

    The 21st-century definition of a “hipster” is someone who belongs to a style subculture that emphasizes uniqueness and authenticity.

    Many hipsters don’t call themselves that, because a “hipster trend” has become rather mainstream in fashion. Hipsters live intentionally outside the common flow. They’re people who dress, act, and live to the beat of their own drum. Many hipsters today enjoy collecting vintage things, dressing in old-fashioned clothing, and repurposing all sorts of things. 

    To emulate this in a baby name, the name can be quirky or old-fashioned. The meaning can be just as important as the name itself, so we’ve included the meanings of each name in these lists.

    It’s up for debate whether all hipster-themed names are gender neutral or not. To keep things organized, we’ve separated the more-feminine-sounding names from the masculine-sounding ones. We also have a list of names that fall more in the middle. That way, you can choose the names you like based on sounds and meanings that feel right to you.

    Hipster girl names

    Choosing a hipster name for your baby girl is like giving an artist an open canvas. As your baby grows up, they can carve out a unique personality to suit their unique name. They won’t be restricted by classic, traditional names like Sarah or Elizabeth. 

    Take a look at some of these feminine and cool hipster girl names:

    • Alma (English) — One who lifts the spirits
    • Billie (English) — Determination, strength
    • Breah (English/Celtic) — High, exalted, noble
    • Callie (Greek) — Beautiful
    • Clementine (French/Latin) — Merciful, mild
    • Cleo (Greek) — Pride, fame, glory
    • Dixie (French/English) — Tenth
    • Edna (Hebrew) — Rejuvenation, pleasure, delight
    • Ellarose (English) — Little cinders, bright one
    • Fifi (Spanish/French) — Jehovah increases
    • Flannery (Irish) — Red eyebrows
    • Flora (Latin) — Flower, goddess of springtime
    • Frankie (French/Latin) — From France, free one
    • Huntley (Old English) — Meadow of the hunter
    • Ione (Greek) — Violet flower
    • Isla (Spanish/Scottish) — Island
    • Juniper (Latin) — Young, juniper tree
    • Jupiter (Latin) — The supreme god
    • Leonora (Italian) — Light-bearer
    • London (English) — From the great river
    • Lulu (Arabic) — Pearl
    • Millie (English) — Mild of strength
    • Minnie (Hebrew) — Lady of the sea
    • Neva (Latin) — Snow
    • Olive (Latin) — Symbol of peace
    • Pandora (Greek) — All gifts
    • Piper (English/Romanian) — Pipe or flute player
    • Prairie (French) — Meadow or grassland
    • Ramona (Spanish/Old German) — Protecting hands
    • Remedy (English) — Cure
    • Rogue (English) — Unpredictable
    • Sadie (Hebrew) — Princess
    • Saffron (English) — Yellow flower
    • Scout (French) — To listen
    • Sia (Old Norse) — Victory
    • Tallulah (Irish) — Lady of abundance
    • Wren (English) — Small songbird
    • Zola (Latin/Zulu) — Earth/quiet, tranquil

    Hipster boy names

    Your baby is going to grow into a unique individual, just like you did. You can give your baby a name that strikes its own path and lets their personality shine through. Your child can be whoever they want to be with these unique and interesting hipster names. 

    Try these masculine hipster boy names:

    • Atticus (Greek) — From Attica
    • Auden (Old English) — Old friend
    • August (Latin) — Great, moral, wise
    • Beckett (Old English) — Beehive
    • Byron (English) — Cowshed
    • Dashiell (French) — Page boy
    • Dexter (Latin) — Dyer, right-handed
    • Elvis (Scandinavian) — All-wise
    • Fenton (English) — Marsh town
    • Fitz (Scottish) — Son of
    • Greer (Latin) — Watchful, guardian
    • Gulliver (Irish) — Glutton
    • Holden (English) — From the hollow in the valley
    • Hugo (Germanic) — Mind
    • Ignatius (Latin) — Fiery one
    • Jasper (Persian) — Treasurer
    • Kingston (English) — From the king’s village
    • Leopold (Germanic) — Bold people
    • Lionel (English/French) — Young lion
    • Luca (Italian) — Man from Lucania, bringer of light
    • Miles (English/Latin) — Soldier, merciful
    • Milo (German) — Merciful
    • Nico (Greek) — People of victory
    • Nix (Greek) — Night
    • Odin (Norse) — God of art, culture, wisdom, law
    • Oscar (English) — Divine spear
    • Otis (Old German) — Wealth, son of Otto
    • Prince (English) — Man of true faith
    • Roman (Latin) — Of Rome
    • Sebastian (Latin) — Venerable, revered
    • Sullivan (Irish) — Black-eyed one
    • Tennyson (English) — Son of Dennis
    • Theo (Greek) — Divine gift
    • Waldo (German) — Powerful, ruler
    • Zeus (Greek) — Ruler of the heavens

    Hipster gender-neutral names

    A big trend today is gender-neutral names. Some parents want to give their children the choice to express themselves without gender limitations. Rather than choosing a feminine- or masculine-sounding name, they go for something in the middle. That way, no matter how their child grows up, they can depend on a neutral-toned name that suits them. 

    Take a look at these gender-neutral hipster baby names: 

    • Adley (Hebrew) — God is just
    • Amory (English) — Brave, powerful
    • Ansen (Anglo-Saxon) — Son of a nobleman
    • Baer (German) — Bear-like
    • Bates (English) — Lush pasture
    • Bence (Latin) — Blessed
    • Bix (English) — Inspired by famous cornet player Bix Beiderbecke
    • Blaine (Scottish) — Yellow
    • Bliss (English) — Joy, cheer
    • Bo (Swedish/Danish) — To live
    • Bracken (English) — Fern, briny
    • Bray (Old French) — To cry out, borderland
    • Brick (English) — Good guy, mason
    • Chance (English) — Good luck
    • Clove (Old French) — Nail
    • Cobi (Hebrew) — He who supplants
    • Cove (Old English) — Tent or hut
    • Crane (English) — The bird, long legs
    • Dart (English) — The river, strong, energetic
    • Doon (Irish) — From Doon
    • Dawn (English) — Daybreak
    • Fane (Romanian) — Crown
    • Fenn (Old English) — Marsh
    • Gray (Old English) — Gray-haired
    • Hart (English) — Stag, strong, brave
    • Hayes (English) — Hedged area
    • Kai (Hawaiian) — Sea
    • Kagan (Irish) — A thinker, fiery
    • Klynn (Greek) — Glory
    • Lars (Scandinavian) — Crowned with laurel
    • Lennon (Irish) — Lover
    • Luck (English) — Lucky
    • Mikkel (Hebrew) — Gift from God
    • Miri (Hebrew) — Of the sea, bitter
    • Mishka (Russian) — Gift of love
    • Moss (English) — Saved by the water
    • Orly (Hebrew) — You are my light
    • Oz (Hebrew) — Strength, powerful, courageous
    • Pike (English) — Spear
    • Quartz (English) — Gemstone
    • Rune (Old Norse) — Secret
    • Storm (English) — Violent weather
    • Tate (English) — Cheerful
    • Woodson (English) — The houses in the wood


    Giving your baby a special name that reflects your personal style is wonderful. It can bond you to your child in a special way. 

    If you’re looking for names for twins, a great place to start is in the gender-neutral list. You can find names that go together, like Pike and Storm, or you can find matching names within the girls’ and boys’ lists that suit your babies’ personalities. You can find a lot of natural elements within the hipster name lists, so if you feel inspired by the natural world, you may find a name that’s just perfect for you.

    Looking at unique hipster names can help you better understand what you’re looking for in the name itself. Do you want a name with a unique sound or a name with a perfect meaning? Finding just the right name for your child can be a challenge, but let it be a fun one. Enjoy the time with your partner and family as you choose the names you like best.

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