April 13, 2021

Flo Partners with Phenomenal to Fight Period Stigma

March 23, 2021 (Wilmington, DE) - Flo, the leading female health and wellbeing app, and Phenomenal, the female-led lifestyle brand committed to bringing awareness to global causes and cultural issues, have teamed up to launch a merchandise collection aimed at fighting period stigma. The collection features “phenomenally on my period” sweatshirts and is available on Phenomenalwoman.us

As part of the campaign, Flo has donated $10K to Happy Period, a national nonprofit providing access to menstruation products to those experiencing homelessness. “We can’t have access and equity without conversation and Phenomenal does a great job of creating dialogue,” said Kate Romanovskaia, Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Flo. “While there have been advances in technology to increase body literacy, the public conversation has largely remained stagnant. We hope our collection with Phenomenal and donation to Happy Period serves as an opportunity to stop the shame, and instead acknowledge the pride, power, and normalcy of periods.”

Menstruation is still a widely stigmatized issue and the stigma results in a lack of education and resources for those who are menstruating. Flo provides curated cycle and ovulation tracking, accurate period predictions, proactive health chatbots and personalized health insights, developed by health experts and scientists. By collaborating with Phenomenal, Flo hopes to normalize talk around periods and empower women to advocate for their own health needs. 

“Phenomenal is excited to partner with Flo and raise awareness for menstrual equity by highlighting the work of Happy Period,” said Meena Harris, founder and CEO of Phenomenal. “For too long, women have been made to feel as if their periods are dirty or shameful and have no place in public discourse. But this stigma — and fear of talking about one of life’s most natural elements — can result in limited access to much-needed healthcare, information, products, and other resources. Dialogue and de-stigmatization are the first steps to true equity, and we couldn’t be prouder to be Phenomenally On Our Period.”

“This donation will help us to distribute more period kits to those in need,” said Happy Period founder, Chelsea VonChaz. “There’s an unequal price we pay for not talking about our period. No one should have to decide between buying food or a pad, or their baby’s diaper versus a box of tampons.”

About Flo

Flo is the most popular women’s health app globally; over 167.7 million users have downloaded Flo globally, attaining 38 million monthly active users. With over 80+ medical experts, Flo supports women during their entire reproductive lives and provides curated cycle and ovulation tracking, personalized health insights, expert tips, and a private community for women to share their questions and concerns. Flo prioritizes safety and keeps a sharp focus on being the most trusted digital source for​ ​women's health information. Flo health app is available in more than​ 20 languages on iOS and Android. For more information, please visit Flo.health.  

About Phenomenal

Phenomenal is a social-cause brand and media company that has been creating and inspiring positive change for over four years. The brand has received support from more than 1,000 celebrities, athletes, and thought-leaders like Serena Williams, Jessica Alba, Dwyane Wade, Issa Rae, Eva Longoria, Dove Cameron, Mindy Kaling, Samuel L. Jackson, and other influential people. Phenomenal has proven to be particularly effective during urgent moments in our society. Along with the original Phenomenal Woman t-shirt, the brand has launched other cause-focused campaigns, including #1600Men, Phenomenal Voter, Phenomenally Black, Phenomenally Asian, and Phenomenal Farmworker.  

About Happy Period

Happy Period serves as a catalyst for reshaping the discussion surrounding menstruation while bridging access to menstrual health and safe products to underserved communities. Happy Period was founded in 2015 by Mother/Daughter duo after witnessing a homeless woman crossing the street, free-bleeding, wearing blood stained rags. From schools to shelters, Happy Period strives to eliminate stigma surrounding menstruation. For more information, please visit hashtaghappyperiod.org