Anastasiya Lagutina, MD, PhD

Yoga Teacher, Assistant Professor in Clinical Anatomy at Charles University, Czech Republic
Work Experience: 5+ years in clinical anatomy, 10+ years in yoga and meditation
Anastasiya Lagutina, MD, PhD
“The human brain, consciousness, and behavior have been my greatest passion for the last 15 years. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience in practicing and teaching yoga to serve women’s health all over the world.”

Anastasiya Lagutina is a full-time teacher of clinical anatomy. She is also currently a mentor of the Working with Stress course for medical students.

She has years of experience in hypnotherapy as well as yoga and meditation instruction.

Education and training

Anastasiya Lagutina’s main research is on the neurovizualization of morphological differences between schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease patients and healthy controls on the MRI.

Her additional research is connected to the influence of concentration color techniques on brain waves.

Certificates and degrees
  • Bodynamic therapy
  • Somatic therapy
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy
“The desire for a deeper understanding of the human brain and body and the possibility to establish a connection between western neuroscience and ancient Eastern techniques, such as yoga and meditation, have been the main driving force in my professional life.”