Dr. Andrea Maduro

Medical advisor, Flo Health Inc., The Netherlands
Work Experience: 5+ years in preventive child and youth health care

“I have always focused on ensuring that my clients receive comprehensible, personalized, and accurate information to enable them to make the best choices for their health and well-being.”

Career Highlights

  • Content process owner, Quin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2021–2022
  • Medical resident in preventive child and youth health care, SBOH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2019–2021
  • Medical doctor in preventive child and youth health care, CJG Rijnmond, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014–2019
  • Registered youth health care physician with the Royal Dutch Medical Association


  • Degree in child health from TNO Institute, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2021
  • Medical degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014

My Journey in Medicine

After graduating as a medical doctor, I worked as a physician in the preventive youth and health sector for six years. In this role, I worked with children aged 0 to 18 and their parents and played an active role in the management of their health and well-being.

During these years, I experienced firsthand the positive impact of providing the right medical information at the right time. It was very rewarding to have this influence on the lives of young people and help them build lifelong healthy habits.  

The rise of health technology has highlighted the importance of alternative ways of providing innovative, relevant, and personalized information. In today’s world, it has become more apparent how helpful it is to have a trusted digital health partner to guide us in the choices we make on a daily basis.

This has been the driving force for me to join the Flo Health team as a medical advisor. I am honored to be a part of a team that strives to empower women and people who menstruate all over the world to understand their bodies better and help them with their health and well-being in different stages of their lives!

Fun Facts

I’m happiest when I am cooking or baking — so much so that I have tried my hand at making my own sourdough starter and bread from scratch. When I am not cooking, I love to play tennis and padel or stroll around the canals in Amsterdam.

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