Anita Jalloh, MS

Founder and CEO of Comprehensive Medical Nutrition Solutions, LLC; NJ, USA
Work Experience: 11+ years’ experience in the nutrition and health education industry
Anita Jalloh, MS
“I chose to work in the health and wellness industry to help decrease health disparities among various populations and to provide health education to help prevent chronic disease.” 

Anita Jalloh is a health educator and founder and CEO of Comprehensive Medical Nutrition Solutions, LLC.

Among her numerous professional roles and accomplishments are:

  • Professor at the College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ, teaching community nutrition
  • Providing and serving health education to 250,000 residents in multiple cities in New Jersey
  • Developed and implemented several curriculums for government agencies on healthy eating and meal preparation 
  • Former Division I women’s lacrosse athlete at Syracuse University, NY
  • Has published several nutrition articles during her professional career    
  • BS in communications and rhetorical studies from Syracuse University, NY
  • BS and MS in nutrition and dietetics from the College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ

She also completed a 1,200-hour dietetic internship consisting of supervised practice in acute care nutrition, community nutrition, and outpatient clinical nutrition from the College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ. 

“One thing that helps drive my professional life is the ability to connect with both large populations of people and individuals to help achieve their goals and to provide health education.”