Dr. Iryna Ilyich

Dr. Iryna Ilyich

Obstetrician and gynecologist, medical advisor, Flo Health Inc., Lithuania
Work Experience: 15+ years in obstetrics and gynecology

“In my experience, close doctor-patient collaboration has the most meaningful impact on treatment success. I specialize in the study and care of pregnancy complications and want to ensure that women feel supported throughout their entire pregnancy and postpartum journey.”

Career Highlights 

  • Member of a Working Group Focused on Development of the “FIGO Ovulatory Disorders Classification System,” 2021
  • OB-GYN in Maternity Clinic, 2017–2019
  • Marketing Manager for medical devices for gynecologists and in-vitro fertilization at LLC ArsTrade Company, 2016–2017
  • Medical writer, reviewer, and advisor at the Medical Scientific Association Literature Review in Moscow, 2016
  • Project Manager and Consultant Doctor at American Medical Centers, Belarus regional office, 2015–2016
  • PhD Student, Researcher, and OB-GYN, 2006–2014


  • Degree in Medicine, Obstetrics, and Gynecology from Belarusian State Medical University, 2004
  • Internship in Female Reproductive Health at Belarusian State Medical University, 2004–2005
  • Medical Seminar and School in Obstetrics and Perinatology at Open Medical Institute in Salzburg, Austria, 2013
  • Training course and internship in Obstetrics and Gynecology at SLK-Kliniken Heilbronn GmbH (Women’s Clinic) in Heilbronn, Germany, 2016

Featured Publications

  • “Human immunoglobulin in treatment of fetal hemolytic disease.” The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine, Volume 27. P 95-96. Supplement 1. XXIV

My Journey in Medicine

I think taking care of women is definitely my calling in life. Women often underestimate their health issues, they don’t complain and endure hardship and pain, and I’ve always wanted to disrupt this pattern. It’s so fulfilling when you can change the life of other people for the better, as most women’s health conditions are manageable. I’m really excited about taking care of women in various real-life situations, e.g., during pregnancy when everybody is overwhelmed and may need extra support. And of course, it’s impossible to put into words how happy it makes me to have a hand in a miracle and see the moment of childbirth.

Throughout my clinical research and work as an OB-GYN, I performed testing, diagnosing, treatment, and monitoring of various conditions relating to women’s health. I also spent a good amount of time counseling women with complex diseases during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. I collected and reported data, developed new protocols, wrote scientific papers, and also organized and participated in conferences to discuss the results of my research.

My main focus throughout my professional career has been on the study and treatment of medical conditions that may complicate pregnancy, with a particular focus on cardiovascular diseases. I believe the medical community needs to do more to support women with high-risk pregnancies, and I strive to help implement a new approach to follow-up care. 

A few years ago, I enjoyed leading birthing and breastfeeding classes to assist new moms.

Then, in the summer of 2019, I joined Flo as a Medical Advisor. I love helping coordinate and plan different research studies that use anonymous user data to move women’s health forward, such as the one we conducted on heavy menstrual bleeding. Beyond that, I advise on content projects, provide medical support for the launch of new features, aid in the strategic development of medical affairs, and develop medical policies.  

I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job. I’m honored to be a part of a global interdisciplinary team of scientists, doctors, and female health experts — all on a mission to help everyone who gets periods put themselves first and prioritize their health and well-being, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, or gender identity. What’s more, Flo is a workplace of respect, transparency, top talent, and cutting-edge technologies.

Fun Facts

Since we’ve been working remotely, my cat Nelson has become an integral part of the medical team. He actively participates in all online meetings we have. Sometimes even our CEO Dmitriy can hear his “meow meow meow” during reporting sessions. We expect Nelson will agree on his own Key Performance Indicators any day now.

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