Kyala Clegg

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, New York City, US
Work Experience: Work Experience: 5+ years working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor
Kyala Clegg
“When I was a young student-athlete, there was nobody around who could communicate the science of sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, and recovery in an understandable way. And the only advice I received was based on research done on male athletes; no evidence was available on how to train, eat, or recover as a female athlete. I decided to become the expert who I so badly needed when I was younger.”

Kyala Clegg, MS, CSCS, is the founder and CEO of The Hype Wellness.

She is a published author and an expert in her field.


Kyala obtained a BSc (Advanced Honors) degree in nutrition from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh before moving to New York City to complete her Master of Science in nutrition and exercise physiology in 2018. 

While studying for her MSc, Kyala completed certifications that qualify her as a strength and conditioning specialist, team USA weightlifting coach, and corrective exercise specialist.

Professional experience

Kyala works privately with clients on body recomposition and lifestyle change. She specializes in sports nutrition for performance enhancement in female athletes. 

Kyala’s intervention philosophy focuses on reframing your relationship with food and exercise — it’s all about finding a balance. She takes an anti-diet, food-first approach to wellness and believes that nutrition and exercise interventions should be curated to your needs, goals, and lifestyle — anything else isn’t sustainable. 

“My goal is to make my past mentors proud, to make my younger self proud, and to educate and inspire thousands of women to approach wellness from a personalized, evidence-based approach instead of following the trends. These goals fuel my professional drive for more.”