Sara Tang, BA

Sex coach, founder of Sarasense, Hong Kong
Work Experience: 3+ years of experience in creating digital sexuality education content
Sara Tang, BA
“I don’t know if I chose my profession, or it chose me. I grew up extremely religious and repressed in Asia, made many mistakes in my sexual journey, and failed in relationships before I realized I never learned the tools or skills for having meaningful sex and intimacy. That set me off on my path of discovery.”

Sara is a sex coach, sexologist, and educator who has been teaching, writing, and speaking about sex for over a decade. 

Education and certifications

Sara got her Bachelor of Arts degree at Stanford University.

She is a Sex Coach U graduate and World Association of Sex Coaches certified.

Professional experience

Sara founded Passionately Yours, a boutique that sells sex toys and sexual wellness. She has delivered workshops, parties, and resources to hundreds of curious women in a safe, intimate space. 

She created and hosted the Better in Bed podcast, the first sex podcast in Asia, which normalizes the conversations we have around sex and now has over 100,000 downloads.

In 2021, Sara is launching a signature online course called “Talking About Sex for Better Sex,” which teaches people how to be confident sexual communicators and avoid the awkwardness that often comes with talking about sex. 

“What really lights me up is working with people who’ve had a limited sex education or a culturally conservative upbringing because that’s what I experienced myself and it’s what motivated me to pursue sex coaching.”