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Newborn Photography and Newborn Photo Ideas: Your Baby Photography Guide

Bringing a newborn into this world is a wonderful and amazing moment. But your baby won't be a newborn for long! This makes a lot of parents want to capture every sweet little detail of their newborn baby. Some take their own photos, and others prefer professional newborn photo shoots. Read Flo's guide on baby photography to learn all you need to know.

When to take newborn photos

Consider taking newborn photos during the first weeks after birth, especially within the first 10 days. At this young age, babies can be easily posed, and they curl up more easily than a week or two later.

At this age, newborn babies are usually very sleepy, which is great for a newborn photo shoot. Sleeping babies don't cry, don't have a pacifier in their mouth, and aren't flailing their arms around. During sleep, your newborn looks peaceful and sweet. If you begin the photo shoot while your baby is sleeping, you can get plenty of sweet sleepy photos and a few more after they wake up.

How to take newborn photos

It is very helpful to plan for a newborn baby photo shoot. Set up everything you'll need for the photo shoot early in the day. Keep your newborn awake and active for a period of time, feed them, and then start taking pictures as they fall asleep.

Plan to spend at least an hour taking photos. The photo shoot will be much easier if you ask someone to assist you.

Newborn babies look best when they are photographed naked or wearing just a diaper or a plain white onesie. Most newborn clothes are quite big, and you may not get good shots in them. Keeping the baby's clothes simple keeps the focus on your baby. Make sure to keep the room warm to keep you and the baby comfortable.

For good newborn portraits, don't use your camera's flash. Instead, find a place with natural light such as a near glass door or large window. Arrange your equipment close to that source.

Smartphones are great for capturing amazing moments in the life of your newborn. They also take high-quality images. Using various apps, you can edit and share the images. If you are shooting with a DSLR and have a lens that will allow it, set the aperture fairly wide (about f/2.8). This helps blur the background of the image and draws the eye to your baby in the foreground.

Newborn photography poses 

It is great to have some ideas for poses before beginning a newborn photo shoot. Having some poses in mind may help you get the perfect picture.  

Newborn portraits

Some newborn portrait poses are:

Baby on their tummy with head on their hands — Getting a newborn baby in this pose takes a couple of steps. Take off your baby's clothes and wrap them up in a blanket. Now rock them gently close to your chest until they fall asleep. Next, unwrap your baby gently and lay them down on their tummy.

Moving slowly, tuck their legs under their body (make sure your hands are warm!). Lift their head gently and position their arms and hands underneath it, then lay their head down, facing you and the camera. Once the baby is posed, check for details that need fixing. Make sure that your baby looks peaceful and comfortable.

Baby on their side or back — Begin by undressing, wrapping, and rocking your baby to sleep, as in the first pose. Once the baby is sleepy, lay them down gently on their back and remove the blanket. Cross their feet and bend their knees. Hold the baby in this position for a couple of minutes. When the baby relaxes in this position, take your hand away slowly and their legs may stay in position. You can also use something to wrap your baby gently to hold their legs crossed.

Some newborn family photo poses are:

A family member holds the newborn baby close to their face. In this pose, the family member holds the baby in their arms and takes them up close to their face.

A family member stands sideways with the baby lying on their chest. In this newborn family photo, the family member gently turns the newborn baby towards the photographer and looks toward the camera.

A family member kisses, snuggles with, or looks at the baby. In this pose, instead of looking at the camera, the family member kisses, snuggles with, or looks at the baby.

Newborn photo ideas

Here are some more newborn photo ideas:

  • One their side: This is a natural pose that can be easily adjusted.
  • On their back: Lay your baby on their back with their hands on their tummy.
  • Frog pose: While your baby is on their tummy, place their legs by their sides and carefully put their hands under their chin.
  • On the grass: You can imitate grass by finding a green blanket with a grass pattern.
  • Soft and warm blankets: Soft warm blankets make great props for newborn photo shoots. Wrap your newborn in a warm and cozy blanket and you may be able to pose them however you want.

Lots of parents love taking photos of their baby. The best time to take newborn photos is usually within the first 10 days after birth. Planning for a newborn baby photo shoot is very important. Begin the photo shoot while your newborn is sleeping, when they look most peaceful and sweet. We hope you're inspired by the newborn photo ideas mentioned above and that you get some amazing images to cherish forever. 

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