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Ultimate Babysitter Checklist: Important Info to Leave for Your Babysitter

Taking care of a baby can be hard, and sometimes you need a break to get work done. Even if you exclusively breastfeed, you need some time away from your baby too. Although there are many benefits of breastfeeding, you will eventually have to decide when you're ready to introduce a bottle and take a break. Now it's time to find a great babysitter!

Despite all the advice you've received and books you've read, you've probably realized that when taking care of newborn babies, nothing is better than learning through hands-on experience. This takes time, though.

As a parent, you will have to leave your baby with someone else at some point. Whether this person is a paid babysitter, family member, friend, or other childcare provider, it can be helpful to provide them with a to-do list. This list can help make sure they're sufficiently prepared to care for your baby.  

A babysitter checklist can be a printable document. It can include specific information about your child's routine, eating habits, likes, dislikes, allergies, and emergency contact information.

Why do you need a babysitter checklist?

A babysitting service can be great, even if simply to give you a break from breastfeeding. It's important to make sure the sitter knows enough about your child and their needs and routines. You want to have a smooth transition with your baby's caregiver. Having a written checklist can make it easier for the sitter to remember key details.

This is where a babysitter checklist comes in. There is a plethora of information available online and FAQs that your babysitter can reference. However, nothing beats having information readily available. So, take that break! Get some exercise or relax! Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your babysitter knows what to do.

Things to put in your babysitter information sheet

Websites like Facebook and Pinterest have numerous printable templates for babysitting checklists that you can download and fill in with information on your baby. These templates are a good starting point. Here are a few other important details to include:

  • Bedtime routine 

You can outline what tips and tricks you use to get your little one off to sleep. It might help to highlight nap times and how long naps usually last.

  • Mealtime schedule and menus

If your baby is a particularly picky eater, it might be helpful to list foods that they are likely to eat as well as the expected quantities and times.  

  • Parent contact information

Whether you are gone for a few hours or overnight, it is important to be reachable. 

  • Special needs or allergies

If you have a child with a life-threatening allergy, this note is critical. Your babysitter needs to know what to avoid and how to respond if your baby has an allergic reaction.

  • TV/screen time rules

If relevant for your child, it might be good to communicate limits about television or device time with your child's babysitter. Approved programming or channels are also useful things to mention.

  • Entertainment options

If the caregiver is new to your family and doesn't know the kinds of activities your baby enjoys, simply mention a few go-to suggestions that will keep your baby engaged and entertained.

  • Medication reminders

If you need to leave your baby with the babysitter while they are sick, make sure to leave details about what medication your baby should take and the dosage. Also share what methods work best to get them to take it.

  • Approaches to discipline

It might be helpful to discuss discipline strategies with your babysitter for times when your child misbehaves.

Emergency contact form for babysitter

In order to feel some peace of mind when leaving your child, it will help to plan in advance. This plan should include procedures to follow in the event of illness and what to do if your child requires medical attention. It is also helpful to note numbers for the pediatrician, nearest police station, fire department, and other key first responders.

Important things to keep in mind

Leave the necessities accessible 

It may also be helpful for your babysitter to have certain items frequently used by your baby near at hand. You can use this list as a guide. Your babysitter will thank you! 

  • Diapers and changing necessities
  • First aid kit
  • Cash for emergencies

Babysitters are people too

Be sure to discuss the house rules and expectations with your babysitter. Keep in mind that they are people too. They will really appreciate it if you make arrangements for them in terms of lunch or snacks while they are caring for your children. 

Whether you choose to hire a nanny, family member, or friend to care for your baby, planning ahead helps ensure a smooth transition and will offer you peace of mind while you're away.  




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