Flo and Northwestern University Will Conduct Two Joined Studies on PCOS and Infertility

    Updated 25 May 2021 |
    Published 15 January 2020

    Northwestern University, one of the leading research and teaching universities, and Flo Health Inc., have signed a research agreement.

    To continue spreading awareness about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and boost the research in this area of women’s health, Flo will collaborate with Northwestern University in the research entitled “Characteristics of PCOS in women using Flo app”. Based on the results of Flo’s PCOS Awareness Сampaign held September 2019, Tarun Jain, MD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, together with Flo team commence the in-depth study of the subject. 

    This project will aim to find the prevalence of PCOS by states in the US and by ethnic groups as well as to characterize the manifestation of the symptoms of this syndrome. Professor Dr. Tarun Jain explains:

    “PCOS is the most common endocrine disorder in women.  It is a wonderful opportunity to work with Flo team to learn more about this important condition from the numerous Flo users around the world. This collaboration will allow us to leverage big data for real-world observational studies which hopefully will provide new insights for reproductive healthcare”.

    Liudmila Zhaunova, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor at Flo comments:

    “This is an exciting opportunity for Flo to contribute to a deeper understanding of polycystic ovary syndrome that negatively impacts fertility. This is going to be one of the largest and ethnically diverse study characterizing phenotypical presentation of this complex condition. We are very delighted to collaborate with Northwestern University and Professor Dr. Tarun Jain on this research”.

    Under the agreement, the second project collaboratively conducted by Flo and Tarun Jain will be dedicated to the epidemiology and characteristics of infertility. The study will focus on understanding infertility prevalence in the world, by states in the US and by ethnic groups, on revealing the characteristics of the infertile woman's menstrual cycle and on studying the possible difference in BMI, stress, depression, sleep, etc compared to healthy women. 

    The PCOS study started in October 2019.

    About Northwestern University 

    Northwestern University (NU) is a private research university with a comprehensive doctoral program in the United States, with campuses located in different states. It is home to more than 90 school-based centers and over 50 University research centers. Among faculty and alumni are recipients of the Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, MacArthur Genius Grant, Tony Award, Grammy Award, and membership in the National Academy and numerous other honorary and professional societies. According to CWUR World University Rankings 2019-2020, Northwestern University is placed on 15th position, while in National Ranking Northwestern University took the 12th position.

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