Flo Health, Bayer AG and Help Group Research Collaboration partner to raise awareness about Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

    Updated 03 December 2020 |
    Published 17 July 2019
    Here at Flo, we want to contribute to global health and aim to have a meaningful and lasting positive impact on our users and the population at-large. To raise global awareness about Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB), we have partnered with Bayer AG and the HELP Group.

    Why is it important?

    • 1 in 3 women is affected by heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB).
    • 59% of these women don’t know that they are affected by a medical condition, they feel that their heavy periods are normal periods and they have to cope with it
    • 75% of women say their periods are a major inconvenience to their lives.
    HELP is an international group of gynecologists with expertise in Heavy Menstrual Bleeding. The foundation and ongoing work of the HELP group is supported by Bayer AG. 
    Bayer AG is a true pioneer in the field of women's health with more than nine decades of research. Bayer is committed to delivering science to improve women’s health-related conditions by advancing a portfolio of innovative treatments. At the same time, the company is engaging to increase knowledge on women’s health topics including menstruation among women of all ages since a lack of knowledge and misperceptions may prevent women from accessing proper medical care. 
    With our partnership, we are able to raise awareness around HMB by several steps: Flo users are offered a couple of questions around potential signs and symptoms of HMB. Depending on their answers, they receive additional evidence-based information on HMB and are encouraged to visit a doctor. For women already diagnosed with HMB by their doctor, we provide suggestions for a healthy lifestyle and general well-being. 
    Through these joint efforts, we aim to increase women’s knowledge about HMB and empower them to be well equipped with information when talking to their doctor. 
    • The partnership has no promotional intent and is not related to any commercial brand. The objective is purely educational and aims to increase awareness around the condition and its management. 
    • Bayer AG, HELP group, or any other third-party company has never received access to Flo users’ personal data. Only depersonalized and aggregated data is used for research purposes. 

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    Published (17 July 2019)

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