How Does Flo Respond to Data Requests?

    Published 24 June 2022

    As with all companies, from time-to-time Flo Health, Ltd. (“Flo Health") receives demands for information from third parties, including law enforcement (e.g. local police), government agencies or from private parties in civil lawsuits. 

    These demands require us to balance our commitment to protecting your privacy with our legal obligations to comply. 

    In connection with any demand for user information, Flo’s approach is as follows:

    (1)  Flo must be presented with a legally valid request (such as a subpoena or court order) specifying the data that is being requested.  We will carefully review any such demand, including a legal review, to ensure that the demand is legally valid before providing any information. 

    (2)  Any such demand must include identifying information that matches the information that Flo has for that particular user.  If we are unable to confirm that the demand correlates to the particular Flo user, then no information will be provided. 

    (3)  Even if there is a legally valid demand or subpoena, Flo will not provide information beyond the scope of the demand and, where possible, will take reasonable steps to attempt to limit the scope of the information provided. 

    (4)  If we get a demand for your information, where feasible, we will notify you of the demand by sending you an email at the email address you provided to us, except in those instances where we are legally prohibited from doing so.  

    Finally, if you request to delete your data after a legally valid demand for it is received by Flo (or if Flo is otherwise under a legal obligation to preserve your data) Flo will not be able to delete the data. 

    You can learn more about how we respond to demands from law enforcement here.

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