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Figure-8 Body Shape: Awesome Ways to Dress a Figure-8 Body Type

Dressing for your body type can help you accentuate parts of your body you love and minimize your least favorite features. People with a figure-8 body type have lots of great options for clothing. Read on to discover more about choosing clothing for a figure-8 body shape.

Body types are sometimes described with easy-to-remember visuals like fruits and shapes, including the number 8. These shapes give a rough idea of a person’s proportions, but no body shape is better than any other. Everyone is unique, and understanding your shape can help you show off parts of your body you love. Feeling confident about yourself and loving your body are important no matter what shape it might have.  

A figure-8 body shape is very similar to an hourglass, with a bust and hips that are proportional and a narrow waist. One difference between a figure 8 and an hourglass shape is in the shoulders. People with an hourglass shape tend to have broader shoulders than a figure-8 body type. A figure-8-shaped body and an hourglass shape also differ in the hips.

To figure out your body shape, measure the top part of your hips, where the pelvic bone flares (usually just under the belly button) and the bottom part of your hips, where the femur meets the socket of the pelvic bone (right where the line of your pubic hair starts). People with a figure-8 body tend to have a larger top measurement, while people with an hourglass shape usually have a larger bottom measurement. For people with a figure-8 body shape, this is sometimes called a shelf hip. You may also have violin hips or hip dips where your hips curve in and out like a violin.

The shape of your body can also be a good indicator of where you store fat when you gain weight. Most people with a figure-8 body shape will gain weight evenly all over their bodies. Other people may find that they also store excess weight in their sides and lower abdomen. People with an apple shape will gain weight around their waist, and those with a pear shape gain weight mostly in the hips and thighs.

Health-wise, excess abdominal fat can increase your risk for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and fatty liver disease. Gaining weight all over your body may make it harder to notice weight gain. Anyone with a body mass index over 30 (obese) has a higher risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes, regardless of where your body stores excess fat. No matter your body shape, it’s important to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercise regularly to ensure your weight isn’t negatively affecting your health.

Dressing a figure-8 body type can emphasize a narrow waist and curvy top and bottom. People with a figure-8 body type look amazing in straight-line and pencil skirts. Tucking blouses into skirts and adding a belt looks great on people with an hourglass or figure-8 shape. Flared shirts might look oversized on people with a figure-8 body type. Flared dresses and skirts extend higher and broader on a figure-8 body shape, because of the shape of the hips.

Peplum jackets and skirts are very flattering for figure-8 body shapes. The flouncing at the hem of the jacket covers the high flare of the hip, and a slim skirt beneath completes the look. Figure-8-shaped people look good in tailored garments, so look for jackets with waist construction and darts. 

When shopping for pants and jeans, look for styles that have a straight leg or slight boot cut. Skinny jeans will emphasize each curve of the hip. High-waisted pants could make your hips look long and square. Many people with a figure-8 body type like to have the waistband of their pants taken in because their high waist-to-hip ratio makes the waistline of off-the-rack pants gap. For the best fit, choose pants that fit your hips instead of your waist. It’s easier to take a garment in than let it out.

Wrap dresses, especially if they’re made out of a drapey fabric like jersey or knit, will help accentuate the curves of a figure-8-shaped body. These dresses have a tapered, straighter skirt. Straight dresses tailored around the waist and bust also look elegant and classy on your body type.

People with a figure-8 shape typically have slender shoulders. A strapless or off-the-shoulder dress accentuates a delicate collarbone and neckline. Belted dresses will make your waist look smaller and highlight your curves.

Skirts and dresses that flare out between the mid-thigh and knee are very flattering on figure-8-shaped bodies. The straight drop and defined waistline bring attention to your narrow waist, and dropping the flare keeps the skirt from making your hips look wider than they actually are.

The figure-8 body type has a narrow waist and proportional hips and shoulders. The structure of this body style lends itself well to a wide variety of clothing styles, and shopping with a stylist can help you explore more options. It’s important to remember that you can wear whatever you want, no matter what the “rules” say. The best way to dress for your body is to pick garments that are comfortable and fit your style, making you feel beautiful and confident. 


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