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5 Common Fears of Every Woman and How to Overcome Them

Every woman has her weaknesses and her fears: the fear of loneliness, ageing, poverty, getting fat and so many other things to be afraid of. Today, we will look at the list of fears any woman may have that cripples her most times.

Youth is beautiful. Ageing is another beautiful thing, but it takes time for most women to understand it.

Almost every woman is afraid that one day she will stand staring at the reflection in the mirror without recognizing it. The fear of ageing has made a lot of women dabble into a lot of different things to make them stay forever young. This is because being fearful of the fact that no makeup will ever make up for the white streaks of ageing hair, the weak wrinkled skin which was once succulent and the waning strength which constantly reminds them of their boisterous years has eaten deep into their minds.

Recognize and accept the aging process and all that goes with it as a reality, a natural part of the life cycle; it happens to us all. As you get older, you'll get maturer, wiser. Ageing is inevitable and if you spend the rest of your youthful years dreading it, you might end up getting to its door faster than you think.

According to Napoleon Hill, the fear of poverty is the most destructire and, at the same time, the hardest to master. 

Everybody loves being comfortable and cozy, who doesn’t? The desire to have a man who is capable of taking care of them and their material needs is due to their fear of poverty. 

To beat this fear you should clear understand what richness and poverty for you are and completely ban the option of poverty.

The fear of being a plus size is another thing women fear most. The fact that she can no longer fit into that beautiful dress she wore two or three years ago can be a frightening fact.

Women believe they look ugly when they gain some weight and so might no longer look attractive for their partner. Due to this fact most women go even as long as trading weight for anorexia in order to make sure they stay in good shape.

You should know some red flags for anorexia: body-mass index (BMI) <13, weight loss >1kg/week, feeling fat when thin, amenorrhea. Even though gaining some weight might feel off for some women, some others don’t see it as a bid deal. Now you can handle this particular fear and so wouldn’t have to feel so depressed when you start putting on some weight.

Loneliness is a disease nobody wants to be associated with. Call it a therapist’s haunch or whatever your mind tells you but that’s a blinding fact. Despite the fact most women do not want to be looked down upon as not being strong enough to handle their own issues, the fear of being left alone still haunts them in their large fancy rooms as nightmares they want to always wake up from.

Women are mostly afraid of their independence even though they are proud of it. Yeah, independence keeps you solely on your own and this definitely isn’t the dream of any woman. This is why when most women anger their spouse or see that their spouse is drifting away from them, they instantly begin to feel lonely and try everything in their power to get back into the lovely terms they were with their spouse.

Women who are old enough to be married now go to dating sites to find any guy who is compatible enough to hook up with. There’s always a time when a woman who has been alone all her life gets miserable that she’d go in search of someone to be with if she has waited for that someone all her life. “No man is an Island” isn’t a statement for just the men anyway. 

Old age is the lane nobody wants to go down alone. Women are needy and always want to be loved. You don’t have to blame them; it is embedded into their DNA. You will find out that if she stays some time on her own she begins to wonder how life would be if she ends up not having someone by her who loves her as much as she does and who is willing to grow old with her.

Every woman has that as her own happy ending. Now if this woman continues living as the fear of loneliness grows, she begins to have the fear of aging alone. Even at old age, every woman wants someone who would look them in the eyes and tell them they love and care about them regardless of the grey hairs and the deepened wrinkles

Now here are some tips to help you to conquer these fears. 
  • Relax. Anxiety most time fuels our fears. Now once you’ve defined your fears just like we’ve listed above, it would be easy for you to relax by taking in deep short breathes whenever these fear factors pop up in your mind. It would go a long way to help calm you down.
  • What does reality say? This is a very important question as it helps you know how real your fears are. If these fears are stemmed from inevitable factors such as the fear of old age, all you have to do is accept that you won’t be young forever and make the best of the life you have while you still have it. You can decide to appreciate the experience you gain as you grow older instead of resorting to violence against your skin to keep it younger. Just as the saying goes: smile while you still have teeth.
  • Stay positive. Having the belief and hoping for only positive outcomes can go a long way to bring to you those things your fears tell you that you can’t have. It helps you see life in the totally new light.
  • Become busy. Being busy and focusing on something else other than your fears takes your mind off them. 
However, if you feel unable to beat your fears alone, it's a good idea to make an appointment with your helthcare provider and get professonal help.

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