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How to Get Rid of Cellulite. A Quick Guide by Doctors

Cellulite is one of the most common body aspects women ask us about. Over 85 percent of adult women reportedly have it. Which means it's completely normal and widespread! But what is cellulite, exactly? How can you lower its manifestations in the most effective way if you want to? Let’s find out.

In aesthetic medicine, the term “cellulite” refers to non-aesthetic conditions in women associated with changes in the subcutaneous fat layer. Most often, it is localized in the thigh and buttock areas.

Today, we divide cellulite into 4 stages:

  • Stage 1: The skin of the affected area is smooth when the woman is standing or lying down, but there are ripples or distinctive changes when she contracts a muscle or squeezes the skin with her hand.
  • Stage 2: Cellulite is visible without squeezing the skin or contracting the buttocks.
  • Stage 3: Changes are the same as in Stage 2, but there are also elevated and hollow areas and nodules.
  • Stage 4: The skin is covered with lots of nodules and cavities; in some areas, it can be swollen and have a cyanotic color due to weak blood circulation." 

Each of the cellulite stages has its own characteristics and, respectively, treatment methods.


First of all: you are not alone. The majority of women have cellulite in some of its manifestations, and you're not by any means obliged or required to wipe it from your body or hide it. The desire to get rid of it is completely normal, too, but the phenomenon of cellulite remains under-researched to this day.

It is recommended that you use different methods, alone or in combination, since none is able to guarantee 100% efficiency. The most effective cellulite treatment methods are:

  • Proper nutrition and water consumption (Reducing the fat deposits can make cellulite less noticeable.)
  • Strength exercises (Elastic muscles make your skin look smoother.)
  • Cellulite creams and lotions (Products containing coffee can dehydrate the cells and thereby make the skin visually smoother.)
  • Acoustic wave therapy (A portable device uses sound waves for cellulite removal.)
  • Various types of laser treatment, ultrasound, and other medical procedures

To choose an effective strategy, it is important to consider which cellulite stage you’re in. And remember: for maximum safety and efficiency, you should always consult a doctor.



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