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Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt Lift

For many years, genetics were the determining factor for our appearance. Today, a combination of science, knowledge, and cultural desire have lead to the development of many different procedures that are able to alter the shape of our given bodies. But is a Brazilian butt lift right for you?

The proportions of your body are largely shaped by bone structure and the way you naturally store fat. This means that for some people, diet and exercise could fail to deliver the physique they desire. This makes surgical augmentation an appealing option for some. 

Also known as a butt enhancement, the Brazilian butt lift involves transferring fat from another part of your body into your buttocks. Note that a Brazilian butt lift does not rely on any type of butt implants.

If you’re considering a “Brazilian booty,” there are a few factors to take into account. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you’re a prime candidate for a Brazilian buttocks lift:

  • Are you comfortable with getting a Brazilian butt lift, as opposed to butt implants? Butt implants tend to generate a higher rate of patient satisfaction than Brazilian butt lifts, but they also come with an increased chance of complications. 
  • Do you have adequate fat stores in other areas of your body that could be used for the transfer?
  • Do you have good skin tone in your butt and hips?
  • Will you be able to avoid sitting directly on your butt for several weeks after the surgery?
  • Do you know or can you get a referral for a board-certified surgeon who works at an accredited surgical facility?

Remember that a Brazilian butt lift isn’t a replacement for diet, exercise, and a healthy body image. The right candidate for augmentation is comfortable in their own skin and respects the body they’ve been given. A Brazilian butt lift is recommended for those who have exhausted all other methods for overcoming some of their genetic predispositions.

If you’ve decided to pursue augmentation surgery, doing some research is the first step to take. It’s important to find a physician who is board-certified, works at an accredited facility or hospital, and has ample experience with this procedure. It’s best if you can interview different surgeons until you find one who meets all of your criteria for safety, hygiene, training, and expertise.

If you’ve decided to pursue augmentation surgery, doing some research is the first step to take.

A prep appointment is required prior to surgery. You’ll be asked to take a blood test and sign consent forms. This is the time to discuss adjusting any medication you take, quitting smoking, and curbing usage of aspirin or other anti-inflammatory OTC drugs.

You and your surgeon can review everything the procedure entails and your desired results, keeping in mind the ideal proportions for your body shape. Together, you’ll also determine where the body fat for the Brazilian butt lift should come from. Typical locations include the hips, thighs, lower back, and abdomen.

A Brazilian butt lift may be performed in a hospital, ambulatory surgical center, or even an outpatient clinic. It’s technically an outpatient procedure since you’re allowed to return home the same day. Just make sure someone is available to drive you home.

A Brazilian butt lift may be performed in a hospital, ambulatory surgical center, or even an outpatient clinic.

General anesthesia or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia is administered prior to surgery. The surgeon starts by harvesting the fat for transplant from another area of the body via liposuction. The extracted fat is then purified and prepared for transfer to the buttocks. Once the fat is ready, the surgeon relocates it to the butt, focusing on specific areas to modify shape and increase volume.

Following a Brazilian butt lift, recovery is fairly quick and well-controlled by pain relief medications. For approximately two weeks, it’s necessary to avoid sitting directly on the butt and to lie on the side or stomach while sleeping. 

Following a Brazilian butt lift, recovery is fairly quick and well-controlled by pain relief medications.

After enough recovery time, it’s possible to sit in modified positions with the help of a donut cushion or pillow. Generally speaking, it takes about eight weeks to be able to resume normal sitting and sleeping positions.

Most patients resume light activity after one week and return to work within two weeks.

Are there any other pros and cons to choosing a Brazilian butt lift over butt implants? Proponents for butt lifts favor the utilization of your body’s own fat (as opposed to foreign objects), and they also report more natural-looking results. Additionally, butt lifts have been far less likely to create procedural/post-procedural complications (roughly 10 percent of the time), when compared to butt implants.

Potential side effects should still be considered, however. They include:

  • Seroma, or accumulation of fluid at operation site 
  • Bleeding during the procedure
  • Post-procedure infection
  • Poor wound healing
  • Post-procedure asymmetry
  • Skin discoloration or swelling
  • Persistent pain
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Scarring

The most dangerous and potentially fatal complication of Brazilian butt lifts is a fat embolism, which is when fat particles enter the blood vessels, damaging them in the lungs, brain, skin, and elsewhere. This occurs in about 0.2 percent of all cases.   

There is never a 100 percent guarantee that a surgical procedure will go perfectly. But finding a board-certified surgeon with a deep understanding of the process and plenty of relevant experience can minimize the risks associated with surgery.

The choice to have a Brazilian butt lift is a deeply personal one requiring careful consideration and planning. Though the procedure has a low rate of complications, it’s not entirely without risks or personal and financial cost. 

Before getting a butt lift, you may want to opt for other means of body modification, focusing on how you feel rather than how society says you should look. While a Brazilian butt lift may not be for everyone, loving who you are inside and out certainly is.




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