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    How to Massage Your Breasts and Why: The Ultimate Guide to Breast Massage

    Updated 12 May 2020 |
    Published 23 December 2019
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    Breast massage is beneficial, simple, and can be done alone. If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits of breast massage are or wanted to know how to massage your breasts, then read on. We’ve outlined the benefits of breast massage in addition to methods for breast self-massage.

    Benefits of breast massage

    Massaging the breasts has the same benefits as massaging other parts of the body, such as relaxation. There are some extra benefits from breast massage, including:

    • Improved lactation experience
    • Cancer detection
    • Lymphatic flush
    • Muscle tension relief

    Although breast massagers exist, they’re not necessary: hands will do just fine. 

    By the way, if you were wondering how to make breasts bigger by massage — it’s simply not possible.

    Improved lactation experience

    Lactating can benefit greatly from breast massage. Breast massage therapy can ease the breasts’ sensitivity and provide better blood circulation to the breast. 

    Gentle massage can also increase milk supply. Massage can help warm up and loosen the tissues around the breasts’ milk ducts and help the milk flow.

    Nipple massage is also beneficial to breastfeeding people who have flat nipples, as it can help the nipples protrude and make it easier for the baby to latch on. 

    Breastfeeding mothers can massage their breasts any time of the day or night, but if you want to improve milk production, it’s advised to massage the breasts about 15–30 minutes before it’s feeding time. This helps to keep milk production close to the baby’s schedule.

    Cancer detection

    Breast self-examination can help detect lumps early in their development, which can lead to early detection of cancer

    Some lumps are noncancerous and go away on their own. Others are cancerous and need to be tested as early as possible. Breast cancer is best fought in the early stages, so early detection is key. Regular breast massage, can familiarize you with what your breasts feel like. This way you can more quickly tell when something’s abnormal. 

    Lymphatic flush

    There are hundreds of lymph nodes located all over our bodies. These nodes are small, bean-shaped structures that are part of the body’s immune system. These little beans filter substances that are located in lymphatic fluid. 

    Movement or activity is necessary for the lymph system to flow properly. Stretches, light activity, and breast massage therapy are all great ways to help flush your lymph system.

    The lymph system in our bodies is not connected to the heart — or any pumping organ for that matter — so the fluid does not move throughout the body on its own. It’s propelled by muscle motion only. 

    Movement or activity is necessary for the lymph system to flow properly. Stretches, light activity, and breast massage therapy are all great ways to help flush your lymph system. 

    The area between your lower breast and your armpit can get quite sore when there’s stagnant lymph fluid. This may happen during your menstrual cycle as well. Massaging your breasts can help flush the lymph fluid from your chest and ease any pain from swollen lymph nodes in that area. 

    Muscle tension

    Massage is an ideal relief for tight and sore muscles. There are pectoral muscles underneath the breasts, and those muscles can get tight and sore after heavy lifting, exercise, or illness. 

    Massaging the breasts can help relieve tension held in the pectoral muscles. Our chest muscles work together with the back muscles to keep our posture straight and our bodies upright. 

    A back massage may not feel complete without a chest massage, and you may still feel tension in your body. 

    How to massage breasts

    A woman shows how to massage breasts

    Now that you know why massaging your breasts can be beneficial, you’re probably wondering how to massage breasts. 

    Generally, there’s no right or wrong way to massage the breast. Just like the rest of the body, apply gentle pressure — circular motions and smooth strokes are both great ways to massage. But there are a few different techniques for breast massage, depending on why you are massaging. 

    If you’re massaging for lactation, then follow this method:

    • Start with one breast and place four fingers on the top and four on the bottom. 
    • Massage gently in a circular pattern.
    • Move to the sides of the breast and repeat the massage.

    If you’re interested in breast massage for lactation, it’s best to ask a lactation consultant for advice and proper technique. 

    If you’ve been treated for cancer and you’re massaging your breasts to check for lumps, it’s important to be careful. Radiation therapy and surgery leave tissu