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Pubic Hair: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

How to shave pubic hair? Why do humans have them at all? Answers to these, as well as many other questions – in this article by Flo.

Why do people have pubic hair?

There are several theories as to what is pubic hair purpose:

  • It can indicate biological readiness for reproduction.
  • It promotes the retention of pheromones attracting sexual partners for possible conception.
  • It protects the genital area from friction during exercise or sexual intercourse.
  • It helps maintain the optimal temperature in the pubic region when the weather is too hot or too cold.

It is believed that nature does not create anything superfluous, but everyone has the right to decide whether to keep the pubic hair or not.

Pubic hair color: does it always match the color of head hair?

Pubic hair color stands alone and doesn’t depend on one’s head hair color.

It is determined by the amount of melanin (a pigment substance) contained in each hair, which can be different because melanin content varies throughout the body.

In most cases, pubic hair color is the closest to the natural color of the eyebrows.

Throughout life, the melanin content decreases. The hair becomes lighter and eventually grows gray, both on the head and in the pubic area.

Why does pubic hair grow to a certain length while head hair keep growing?

A hair follicle goes through three growth phases. The first phase, known as the anagen phase, is responsible for hair length.

The duration of the phase is based on genetics, but it can also be affected by hormones and stress levels.

The anagen phase lasts from 3 to 5 years for head hair and a couple of weeks for pubic hair. The longer the duration, the longer the hair grows.

Your pubic hair is unlikely to ever reach the same length as your head hair, so there is no need to worry.

Hair around the anus: is it normal?

Hair around the anus is an absolutely normal occurrence.

The distribution of hair, including on the genitals, is often due to genetics.

Until now, scientists haven’t seen eye to eye on why anus hair grows, but, according to the most popular theory, the hair is needed to retain scent, which, in turn, attracts potential partners.

According to another theory, the hair softens friction and prevents irritation.

Shaving of pubic hair: what is the right way?

Shaving is still the most popular way of pubic hair removal. It's simple and fast.

However, this method has its drawbacks: a short-lived effect, irritation, ingrown hair, and rash.

To make the shaving process more effective and to minimize the unpleasant consequences, first exfoliate the skin with a scrub.

Use creams containing aloe. Don’t use a razor that belongs to someone else, and shave the hair in the direction of its growth.

Finish the procedure by rubbing the skin with an ice cube to close pores. Then, in half an hour, moisturize with a lotion.
By the way, it’s a myth that hair grows back longer or thicker after shaving. This is not the case, so don’t rely on this old wives’ tale when choosing a hair removal method.

Pubic hair removal history

Attempts to shave off pubic hair as a way to fight body parasites date back to cavemen days. Sharpened stones were used for that purpose.

Ancient Egyptians considered having pubic hair indecent, so they invented sugaring and waxing.

In ancient Rome, a hairless pubis was indicative of belonging to a high stratum of society.

Pumice, tweezers, and a special depilatory cream consisting of resin, goat bile, viper venom powder, and bat blood were used to achieve smoothness. Pubic hair trimming was not in fashion in Europe until the late 1900s.

In America, the seven J. sisters opened the first waxing salon in 1987. The technique gained popularity and is referred to as Brazilian waxing.

If you’re unsure how to get rid of pubic hair, remember: you’re not obliged to do this at all. It’s completely natural to have pubic hair, but if you’re keen on getting rid of it, try various methods! This way you’ll find the one that suits you best


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