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Cool Girl Names: The Ultimate List of Cute, Uncommon Baby Girl Names

When you’re expecting, one of your most enjoyable tasks might be deciding what to call your future daughter. But how do you choose among so many cool girl names? Read on for Flo’s list of pretty and unusual girls’ names to help you find just the right one for your baby.

If your last name is long or complicated, then a short, sweet first name might be just what your little one needs. 

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Many short names began as nicknames for longer ones but have become prevalent on their own. These cool girls’ names are easy to spell and pronounce, and they are all just three letters long.

  • Ada — A less common alternative to the red-hot Ava
  • Ali — A casual, modern take on classics like Alicia or Alison
  • Bea — Used to be short for Beatrice, but it’s charming by itself
  • Cia — Fresh and unique, Cia has earned a place on our list of cool baby girl names.
  • Dee — Originally a unisex name, it was short for anything that started with the letter D.
  • Ida — A medieval German name meaning “labor”
  • Ivy — After the climbing vines that cover stately houses in England
  • Fay — Delicate and ethereal, it’s an old word for “fairies”
  • Kai — Hawaiian for “sea”
  • Kit — Once a common nickname for classic names like Katherine and Christina
  • Lou — This inclusion on our list of cool names for girls used to be short for Louise.
  • Lux — Latin for “light”
  • Nia — Originally a nickname for old-fashioned names like Antonia and Eugenia
  • Pia — A classic Italian name meaning “pious”
  • Rae — Short for Rachel, but it’s adorable on its own too
  • Wyn — This unique baby name means “fair” or “white” in Welsh

Old-fashioned baby names have been making a comeback. Charlotte, Olivia, and Evelyn have all recently hit the Social Security Administration’s top 10 baby name list. If you’re looking for something quaint or vintage for your baby but don’t want a name that everybody else is using, try our list of old-fashioned cool female names.

  • Althea — From the Greek word for “healing”
  • Bernadette — Traditionally French, Bernie is a darling nickname
  • Doris — One of the most common names of the early 20th century, it’s short and sassy.
  • Enid — Means “spirit” in Welsh
  • Ethel — An old English name meaning “noble”
  • Ginevra — The Italian form of Genevieve
  • Glenys — “Pure” in Welsh
  • Hilda — From an Anglo-Saxon word that meant “battle”
  • Lenore — A short form of the more well-known Eleanor
  • Maisie — Scottish nickname for Margaret but cute by itself
  • Nellie — A Victorian nickname for Ellen
  • Noreen — Irish form of Nora, meaning “honor”
  • Roberta — Feminine version of Robert
  • Rosamund — Latin for “pure rose”
  • Wilhelmina — Feminine form of Wilhelm, with Willa as a delightful nickname
  • Winifred — Means “peaceful friend” in old English

Many delightful names come from the natural world. For centuries, people have taken interesting girl names from flowers, gems, weather, the seas, the heavens, and the earth. If you’re looking for pretty, uncommon girl names inspired by nature, check out some of these.

  • Birdie — This addition to our list of unusual baby girl names was a favorite of Victorian parents
  • Dove — A sweet, gentle name, doves have been symbols of peace for centuries
  • Fawn — The English word for a young deer
  • Fuchsia — After a genus of bright, purplish-red flowers
  • Lumi — A popular girl’s name in Finland but not as common in English, it’s Finnish for “snow”
  • Luna — Latin for “moon”
  • Mavis — An archaic term for the song thrush
  • Muriel — Means “bright sea” in Irish
  • Myrtle — This rarely used name comes from the evergreen shrub
  • Opal — Feminine and quirky, from the Sanskrit word for “jewel”
  • Saffron — A darling nickname for this name is Saffy
  • Sequoia — Quintessentially American, it’s the scientific name of the giant California redwood tree
  • Tempest — Means “turbulent or stormy”
  • Topaz — This pretty word for November’s golden birthstone is an enchanting idea for a bright little girl
  • Wren — An uncommon English name, sweet and understated
  • Zora — A Slavic name that means “dawn”

If you’re a fan of history, there are many cool names for girls to choose from. Real-life heroines, Bible stories, and ancient mythology are all great places to look. Here are some awesome girl names we’ve found in history books.

  • Artemis — Ancient Greek goddess of the hunt and the twin sister of Apollo, the god of healing
  • Amity — Meaning “friendship,” it was used by the Puritans
  • Bernice — A biblical name that means “bringing victory”
  • Bridget — Irish goddess of fire and poetry, meaning “exalted one”
  • Calypso — The Greek nymph who bewitched Odysseus
  • Dinah — The daughter of Jacob and Leah in the Old Testament
  • Eunice — From the New Testament, meaning “good victory”
  • Frida — Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo is the most famous bearer of this name, which means “peace”
  • Gaia — Mother goddess of the ancient Greeks, meaning “earth”
  • Harriet — Feminine form of Harry. Harriet Tubman was the most famous activist supporting the underground railroad
  • Helena — The Latin rendition of Helen is a beautiful version to include on our list of cool girl names
  • Isolde — An Irish princess from Arthurian legend
  • Keziah — Daughter of Job in the Old Testament; it means “cinnamon”
  • Marian — After Robin Hood’s lady love, Maid Marian
  • Prudence — The Puritans loved this virtue name, which means “wise and thoughtful”
  • Theodora — This addition to our list of awesome girl names once belonged to a powerful Byzantine Empress and means “gift of God”

Names come and go in popularity. Interesting girl names that were all the rage 20 years ago have fallen down the list, while new names have taken their place. Old-fashioned names with lots of vowels are trendy right now. Emma, Amelia, Ava, and Isabella are some of the most common baby names of the last few years, according to the Social Security Administration. If you’re looking for cute, uncommon baby girl names that are starting to trend but haven’t become overused yet, here are some that are heading up the list.

  • Alina — This pretty, feminine name has been rising in popularity recently
  • Arabella — Similar to the currently fashionable Isabella
  • Briar — An English word for thorny shrubs like wild roses
  • Brielle — Originally short for Gabrielle
  • Cora — A resurging Victorian favorite, once short for Corinna
  • Colette — A French nickname for Nicolette, now charming on its own
  • Ember — A pretty alternative to the more common Amber, it means “fire”
  • Everly — Once a surname, it’s cute and full of vowels, making it very feminine
  • Isadora — Elegant and graceful like its famous bearer, dancer Isadora Duncan
  • Mabel — A charming Medieval English name that is quickly becoming trendy in the United Kingdom
  • Mila — A Slavic nickname originally, it’s becoming more common in the United States by itself
  • Nova — Latin for “new”
  • Orla — “Golden princess” in Irish
  • Piper — This rare English name is held by several actresses
  • Thea — Once short for Dorothea but regal by itself too

Choosing a name for your baby is exciting, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. With Flo’s list of uncommon, cool girl names, you can be well-prepared to find just the right one for your new daughter.

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