100 vintage baby names that are about to come back around

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    Published 08 February 2022
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    Old fashioned baby names are having a revival, especially those from the 1920s. Here are 100 vintage names to provide you with some inspiration.

    Vintage baby names are having a moment right now, and it’s not hard to see why. Choosing a baby name can be a tricky task on top of all the other things you have to think about as impending parents, like packing a hospital bag or getting the nursery organized. Finding something that’s both timeless enough to take your newborn through to adulthood and unique enough to set them apart from all the other children in their class is a fine balance to strike.

    That’s why many parents are turning to old fashioned names for inspiration. Rather than zoning in on the baby names that are topping the charts now, there’s a growing trend to take a look at what was popular this time last century and beyond.

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    There are plenty of vintage names that have already had their resurgence — the likes of Ava, Arthur, Evelyn, and Charles, for example, have risen back to the top of US and UK baby name lists over the past few years and show no signs of budging. But there are plenty of other old fashioned names that haven’t been dug out of the archives just yet, so we’re about to uncover some of them.

    We combed through historical data — the Social Security Administration’s top 500 baby names in the US in 1920 and the Office for National Statistics’ top 100 baby names in the UK in 1924 — to find the names that were popular in the 1920s but that you rarely see now, around 100 years later. If you’re hoping to find a unique, vintage name for your baby boy or baby girl before everybody else discovers it, perhaps some of these suggestions might be just what you’re looking for .…

    Vintage baby girl names from the 1920s

    1. Agnes
    2. Annie
    3. Alma
    4. Beatrice
    5. Bertha
    6. Bessie
    7. Betty
    8. Beulah
    9. Bridget
    10. Carrie
    11. Clara
    12. Constance
    13. Daphne
    14. Dora
    15. Dorothy
    16. Edith
    17. Edna
    18. Ellen
    19. Elsie
    20. Enid
    21. Ethel
    22. Freda
    23. Geneva
    24. Genevieve
    25. Henrietta
    26. Ida
    27. Iris
    28. Joan
    29. Josephine
    30. Leona
    31. Lillian
    32. Lucille
    33. Mabel
    34. Mae
    35. Martha
    36. Minnie
    37. Nellie
    38. Nora
    39. Norma
    40. Olive
    41. Opal
    42. Pearl
    43. Peggy
    44. Ruth
    45. Sylvia
    46. Virginia
    47. Vera
    48. Viola
    49. Vivian
    50. Winifred

    Vintage baby boy names from the 1920s

    1. Albert
    2. Alfred
    3. Allen
    4. Alvin
    5. Arnold
    6. Bernard
    7. Cecil
    8. Chester
    9. Clarence
    10. Clifford
    11. Clyde
    12. Cyril
    13. Douglas
    14. Edgar
    15. Edmund
    16. Edwin
    17. Elmer
    18. Ernest
    19. Eugene
    20. Everett
    21. Francis
    22. Franklin
    23. Gilbert
    24. Gordon
    25. Harold
    26. Herbert
    27. Herman
    28. Horace
    29. Howard
    30. Hubert
    31. Ivan
    32. Ivor
    33. Kenneth
    34. Lawrence
    35. Leonard
    36. Lester
    37. Louis
    38. Maurice
    39. Percy
    40. Ralph
    41. Roland
    42. Sidney
    43. Stanley
    44. Vernon
    45. Victor
    46. Vincent
    47. Walter
    48. Wallace
    49. Wilbur
    50. Wilfred

    Old fashioned baby names: The takeaway

    None of the names listed above feature highly in the US and the UK’s most up-to-date “popular baby names” lists. This shows that there are a whole host of vintage baby names that haven’t been used widely for decades, but as the trend for old fashioned baby names continues, they may just be on the cusp of coming back again.  So … are there any in there that could be perfect for your baby? If not, perhaps it’s worth taking a look through these lists of one-syllable baby names for boys, gender-neutral baby names, or uncommon baby names for girls.


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