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Flower Girl Names: Pick the Prettiest Floral Name for Your Baby

Many parents want to name their daughter something beautiful, as to represent the child’s beauty and grace with the word that we all use to introduce ourselves. Ever since people started using monikers, names have been derived from beautiful things, such as religious symbols and positive adjectives from a translated language. Obviously, this includes things from nature — flowers, trees, oceans, and more.

When choosing a great name for your child, you don’t really have to look any further than your own garden. Nature is all around you! Like our ancestors did in the old days, we name our children after things we find in nature. Are you having a daughter soon? Why not name her after something beautiful, pure, and delicate like a flower?

Baby names from flowers

Almost everyone has met or heard of somebody named Rose, Lily, or Daisy. What feelings do these floral names instill in you? Well, for most of us, hearing flower girl names make us think of someone beautiful and delicate, like the personification of a flower. 

Do you want to give your daughter the best floral name there is? 

Here is a list of unique flower names for girls:

1. Jasmine

Made popular by the Disney princess in the movie Aladdin, the name Jasmine represents the aromatic jasmine plant. This white flower symbolizes love and romance, as it is ideal for moon gardens.

2. Violet

Violet has been a popular name in the US and has a dual meaning. Girls named Violet are either named after the color or the flower. In the case of the latter, violets symbolize innocence (white) or that the giver’s thoughts were occupied with love (purple).

3. Daisy

Although Daisy is a very common name, parents still choose this happy and cheerful flower to name their daughter after. Used to represent innocence and purity, Daisy is still is one of the top picks for baby girl names.

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4. Holly

The Holly has hundreds of plant species, but it is most commonly associated with Christmas. Aside from representing girls born during Christmas, the name was also used by Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly, in the timeless movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

5. Willow

The name represents the graceful tree of the Willow, known for its strength and flexibility. Willow also means ‘peaceful’, as the name’s lilt and sound suggest.

6. Lily

By far, Lily is one of the most popular flower baby names. The lily flower itself represents humility, devotion, innocence, purity, and beauty — all good qualities that a baby girl can have. 

7. Orchid

The orchid is one of the most delicate, graceful, and exotic flowers there is. Incidentally, it is also one of the most coveted among garden enthusiasts. Naming your daughter after this beautiful plant gives her the name which means love, luxury, beauty, and virility.

8. Poppy

Looking for a cute, spunky name for your daughter? Poppy is an adorable name but has a bit of style to it, which your daughter can grow into.

9. Iris

Iris does not only mean the part of the eye which helps us see. Iris is also a beautiful, lavender plant that represents hope, faith, courage, wisdom, and admiration. Aside from that, Iris is also the name of the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology.

A flower and baby feet representing flower girl names

10. Narcissa

Derived from a daffodil plant, the name Narcissa sounds quite antagonistic (because it sounds like Narcissus), but it does sound beautiful and classy.

11. Lavender

Known for its striking purple color and characteristic aroma, the lavender plant represents refinement, grace, and elegance. Just like its floral counterpart, the name Lavender is known to make a woman seem dashing.

12. Flora

Want a classic-sounding name in a floral theme? Flora is the name of the Roman goddess of spring and flowers, a name that your daughter’s beauty can give justice to.

13. Begonia

Although not common amongst baby naming sites, Begonia can be a beautiful name for a baby girl. The Begonia plant looks like roses and smells very sweet.

14. Rose

Timeless, classic, and popular, Rose is a common name for baby girls born in the 1990s. As expected, the name is associated with the rose flower, which represents passion, friendship, joy, and love (depending on the color).

15. Calla

Calla, another version of the lily, means ‘beautiful’. The meaning of the name is quite simplistic, but chances are, your daughter will feel unique with her name. 

16. Juniper

The juniper plant is an evergreen shrub that produces cones akin to berries. The name Juniper sounds sweet and simple, but unique all the same. 

17. Petunia

A petunia is a bell-shaped flower that is used to symbolize the desire to spend time with someone for peace and comfort. You can give your baby girl this floral name for a unique twist to generic flower names. 

18. Primrose

The name Primrose became popular thanks to The Hunger Games trilogy, where the little sister of protagonist Katniss Everdeen was named Primrose. Sounding elegant and gentle, Primrose means ‘the first rose’.

19. Ayana

Although it doesn’t sound like a flower, the name Ayana means ‘beautiful flower’.

A toddler with camomiles as a symbol of flower girl names

20. Heather

Heather is a pretty common name in the US. Did you know that it is derived from the heather flower also known as Calluna? The heather flower means ‘to cleanse or adorn’. 

21. Zahara

This name sounds strong and gives the notion of an independent woman. Although it sounds a bit harsh, the meaning of the name is ‘to shine’ or ‘dawn’.

22. Dahlia

You’ve probably heard of The Black Dahlia, but don’t let the controversy stop you from choosing it as a baby name. In fact, Dahlia is a vintage, classic name that represents elegance and dignity. 

23. Zinnia

Zinnia is a pretty edgy flower name for a girl, but the Zinnia flower itself is one of the brightest flowers that grow in gardens. Being a symbol of endurance due to their lengthy blooming, zinnias represent a strong and beautiful woman. 

24. Azalea

The name Azalea sounds exotic but still feminine. The Azalea plant represents first love and romance, which are beautiful meanings to have behind a name.

25. Magnolia

Magnolia flowers are soft, pink, and are used to represent dignity and nobility. Although Magnolia isn’t such a common baby name, it sure is a unique floral name to give your daughter.

26. Floryn

Floryn means ‘flourishing’ or ‘blooming’ flower which can be given to both boys and girls. 

27. Leilani

This name holds a sweet lilt to it. It is Hawaiian in origin and combines ‘lei’ and ‘lani’ to form ‘heavenly flowers'. 

28. Linden

Linden is another unique unisex name which is derived from the Linden Tree, the national symbol of Slovenia. The linden tree is resilient, long-living, and bears beautiful yellow flowers in the spring. 

29. Marigold

The marigold flower is considered the ‘herb of the sun’ which also represents passion and creativity. Babies who are named Marigold are said to grow up bold and talented. 

30. Kalina

Kalina is a Polish name which means ‘flower’. Although the meaning is common, you don’t hear the name Kalina every day.

Baby girl flower names are common amongst parents who are choosing names for their new bundle of joy. Although the possibilities are almost endless, these floral baby names are some of the best monikers that you can give your future daughter — full of grace, meaning, and beautiful symbolism. 

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