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How to Get Stunning Maternity Photos: Ideas for Maternity Photo Shoot

As your pregnancy progresses, you may want to start documenting these precious moments with maternity photos. Let Flo help you create a little on-camera magic.

When to take maternity photos

When is the ideal time to schedule a pregnancy photo shoot? Most would agree it falls somewhere between weeks 28 and 32, just as your second trimester is coming to an end. Maternity photos shot during this phase will show off your adorable baby bump, which hasn’t yet grown uncomfortably large.

Where to take maternity photos

A lot of expectant couples prefer holding their pregnancy photo shoot in the great outdoors. A sun-drenched spot on the beach or a dramatic scene in the rain would look equally spectacular.

Another option is to plan a maternity photo shoot at home, where your future child will grow up, and where you’ll host your baby shower.

On the other hand, maternity photos taken in a professional studio can offer more in the way of artistic creativity and expression. High-contrast black and white shots are often a popular choice.

What to wear for a maternity photo shoot

With the constant changes your body is undergoing to accommodate your growing baby, it’s tough to decide what looks best. The key is to choose something that makes you feel both comfy and confident.

Whether it’s a long, flowing gown, a pair of oversized sweatpants, or perhaps nothing at all, it’s completely up to you. No matter the outfit, you’ll definitely be radiating your gorgeous pregnancy glow!

Still searching for a bit of divine inspiration for your upcoming maternity photos?  Look no further as Flo has gathered up some truly incredible maternity photo ideas.

  • Home sweet home: As previously mentioned, a pregnancy photo shoot set in the warmth and comfort of your own home is always a winning idea. The result? Casual maternity photos which feel candid and cozy.
  • Floral goddess: Bringing new life into the world gives you an amazing, almost surreal feeling. Why not embrace your inner goddess by posing in a wreath made of flowers while walking through a lush garden?
  • Underwater adventure: Think outside the box and consider shooting magical underwater maternity photos that highlight your baby bump. The slightly distorting and reflective qualities of the water will produce unique images.
  • Au natural: Celebrate the feminine beauty of your pregnant body by posing in the nude. Or, don a sheer or lacy robe and gently place your hands and your partner’s hands on your belly.
  • Mother Nature: Embrace nature’s bounty by arranging for a pregnancy photo shoot at a local farm or fruit orchard. Take advantage of the rich, vibrant colors and the symbolism of the new harvest.

Pregnancy photo shoot ideas with your husband

Much like expectant mothers, fathers are also anxiously counting the days until their lives will change forever. Capture your sacred bond by including your partner in as many pics as possible. Here are a few pregnancy photo shoot ideas with your husband to get you started.

  • Dad with belly: Have your partner kneel down and cozy up to your stomach. He can place both hands on it, talk to your baby, and enjoy some intimate quality time.
  • With older children: Ask your other kids to join you at the maternity photo shoot. Give them an opportunity to express their excitement and interact with you, your partner, and your baby bump. 
  • On the beach: There are few things more romantic for a couple than enjoying a sunset at the beach. It’s a peaceful and relaxing backdrop for some unforgettable maternity photos. 
  • Parents kissing: Share a sweet and poignant reminder of the loving bond that created this new life.

6 best maternity poses

Get those creative juices flowing with these must-try pregnancy photo poses:

  1. Belly profile: Up the drama factor with black and white photos shot from the side to highlight the stunning silhouette of your pregnant belly.
  2. Hands in a heart: Place both your hands and your partner’s hands in front of your baby bump, forming the shape of a heart.
  3. Looking down: Ask the photographer to snap a pic of you peering down at your stomach. It can be done while standing up, sitting down, or from a bird’s eye view.
  4. Puppy love: Don’t be afraid to let your fur baby in on the action! The only four-legged member of the family is sure to bring enthusiasm and energy to your maternity photo shoot.
  5. Laying down: This is an extremely flattering angle which accentuates your curves as well as your baby bump. Let the photographer guide you into the perfect placement of your arms and legs.
  6. One hand above, one hand below: Show off the impressive size of your pregnant belly. Simply place one of your hands above your stomach and the other one below it.

When planning your pregnancy photo shoot, do whatever feels natural and comfortable for you and your partner. Don’t stress over the details and have fun with it!



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