Daria’s Story

All my life, I have had a complicated relationship with my body. I hated it. Rejected it like it wasn't mine. Most of this hatred stemmed from my family and school, where I was repeatedly told that I am not skinny enough, that if I ate so much I would be enormously fat.

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I was a very insecure person. But as I grew older, I started to realize that the most important thing is how you feel about your own body. It doesn't matter what others say, only what’s in your own head.

Your body is already beautiful because it’s unique, because it’s yours.

When the first lockdown started, I began practicing yoga everyday just to have some movement while sitting at home and to keep myself in shape and feel more focused. This short journey into fitness and self-care was so exciting! Day after day, I noticed little changes. I saw how my body became more flexible, more fluid, and smooth. Once I had this practice in my life, it changed my attitude rapidly.

At times I have had more compassion for others and cared more about what they think than about my own thoughts and well-being. My yoga practice has shown me how misguided this mindset is. After all, it’s me! It’s my body, the only one. I won’t have another one. It’s amazing what this body can do every day of my life. I realized that the mind and the body are intertwined, and it’s very important to listen to yourself. Your body is already beautiful because it’s unique, because it’s yours. 

After all the pandemic restrictions are over, I’m going to travel more than ever! First of all, I’ll meet with my family and friends (who live abroad), and then I’ll go wherever I can. I’ve already planned a couple of hikes. Now that I am in tune with my body, climbing the highest mountain in the Alps is possible.