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We are committed to advancing women’s health solutions and moving female health research forward. Feel free to reach out for partnership and research inquiries, or any other suggestions on mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our Company

Flo is an AI-powered women’s health platform that encompasses accurate cycle predictions, personalized daily health insights and a closed, secure community of experts and peers.

Flo meets the needs of women of all ages and goals — from periods to menopause, from pregnant women to young moms — and is truly a one-stop health solution for women during an entire reproductive cycle. Flo prioritizes safety, and is focused on being the only platform where women can entrust their most intimate health-related concerns.

Flo is the first period tracker to use artificial intelligence for the most accurate cycle predictions.

Medical Board

We at Flo firmly believe all the information that concerns the health of our users should be factual and up to date. That’s why we’re proud to present the members of our Medical Board. These acclaimed medical experts constantly review the content we create and make sure Flo delivers precise, ethical, accurate, and really helpful health&fitness information to the users around the world.

Flo Medical Team

They're working tirelessly to deliver the most medically accurate content to you both on the website and in the app.

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