About Us

Our mission is to seamlessly elevate women’s health by leveraging the essential need for period tracking.

We’re the #1 app in Health&Fitness category in the US and Europe among women’s health products, with over 120 million downloads and more than 1 million 5-star reviews.

  • 2015

    Flo was founded

  • 200+

    People work at Flo 

  • 7+

    Years of tenure

  • One-stop solution
    One-stop solution

    Flo is an AI-powered health app for women that supports them during an entire reproductive period, encompasses accurate cycle predictions, personalized daily health insights and safe community of experts and peers.

  • A trusted source of information
    A trusted source of information

    We use our expertise to provide a trusted source of health information and secure communication for hundreds of millions of women globally.

  • Evidence-based approach
    Evidence-based approach

    For cycle predictions, we use our own model, which is based on machine learning and various heuristics. The model was verified and approved by our medical board members.

Medical Board

We at Flo firmly believe all the information that concerns the health of our users should be factual and up to date. That’s why we’re proud to present the members of our Medical Board. These acclaimed medical experts constantly review the content we create and make sure Flo delivers precise, ethical, accurate, and really helpful health&fitness information to the users around the world.

Flo Content Team