Flo is proud to announce the launch of the Women’s Map USA!

    Published 20 October 2020
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    The Women’s Map USA is a project that aims to empower women around the United States by providing easy access to information about 21 different organizations that focus on women’s issues.

    The organizations included in the interactive map cover diverse topics that influence women’s lives, health, and wellbeing every day. These topics include, but aren’t limited to, female and reproductive health, education, legal advice, advocacy, gender equality, female empowerment, maternal health, and postpartum depression, amongst many other issues pertaining to women’s health and rights.

    By creating this map, Flo continues to support and empower women around the world. Here at Flo, we aim to help women access the knowledge that they require to advocate for themselves and to prioritise their health and wellbeing. The Women’s Map USA is an initiative that ties into Flo’s mission and values by promoting the invaluable work that these organizations carry out each day and giving them a platform to reach millions of people across the country.

    Flo is created and monitored by a team of experts and collaborators who are devoted to improving the quality of women’s lives through education. Flo will continue to work tirelessly with the purpose of helping women gain greater control over their health, opening spaces for safe discussion, and dispensing evidence-based information.

    Discover the Women’s Map USA by clicking this link.

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