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How to Improve Your Sex Life: 7 Tips by Doctors

Looking for tips to spice up your sex life? The team of Flo, professionals in physiology and psychology, have come up with a list of stuff for you and your partner to try. Enjoy!

Most studies show that your sex drive peaks around ovulation, the biological time when you are most able to become pregnant.

But that’s not always the case. Other factors of life can also influence libido, especially things like stress and having a busy schedule.

For example, having stress at work may decrease interest in sex, but while on vacation, your libido may rebound.

Single women tend to have greater spikes in sexual interest around ovulation than women in long-term relationships.

Use our app to imrove your sex life and track your cycle

Flo can help you track your cycle and log sex acts. It can also predict body and mood patterns to help you find out when you’re about to have more pleasure than usual and offer you advice on how to increase libido quickly.

Talking about sex in a new relationship can be difficult to start for years because you may feel shy or afraid to offend your partner's privacy. However, if sex isn’t satisfying for you, communication with your partner will help.

A frank, heart-to-heart talking about sex with the partner will encourage you both to open up and share your feelings.

For this conversation to be effective and not a source of argument, you shouldn’t moralize or reproach your partner. Gently explain what you want, not what your partner does wrong.

Choose the right time for this conversation. It can be at breakfast, in the bathroom, or in bed. The main thing is that both of you are in no hurry and in a good mood to talk about sex and health.

Food and sex are two basic human needs. It's no surprise that people like to combine these two for added pleasure.

An aphrodisiac is any product that stimulates and increases libido. Chocolate, oysters, avocado, red pepper, ginseng, honey, strawberries, and nuts are considered the best aphrodisiac foods. 

However, according to recent studies, only ginseng has been proven effective in combating sexual problems in men.

All other aphrodisiac foods for women and men contain either substances that improve mood (chocolate and chili peppers), vitamins (honey — vitamin B, avocado — vitamin E, strawberries — vitamin C) and minerals (oysters and nuts contain zinc) that are good for the body.

Kegel exercises were designed for strengthening the pelvic muscles. Women have noticed that sensation during sexual intercourse became more intense after doing Kegel exercises.

These exercises can positively impact intimacy and sexual pleasure for both partners. 

Women’s strong muscles contribute to a more intense orgasm. Men’s sensations are enhanced by a tight compression of the penis in the vagina due to its acquired elasticity.

In order to fully explore the benefits of Kegel exercises, stop your urine stream as it is flowing by contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor. It is enough to contract and relax those muscles for a set of 10 reps 3 times a day. 

You can do the exercise at any time — at the workplace, while driving, or lying on the couch with a book.

The sexiest organ in our body is the brain, and it is where sexual desire originates. This is why “dirty talk” or talking about sex in a coarse or obscene way is so arousing.

Attraction starts in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the production of testosterone. The amygdala controls fear. 

Your reaction to dirty words or the very subject of the talk depends on these two regions of the brain, but it's different in men and women.

Why do men like dirty talk? A man’s hypothalamus is bigger and therefore, they’re more sexually active and their libido is higher. 

The amygdala, which allows one to loosen up and reveal secret desires, is activated in the partner and makes them inclined to submission.

Researchers assert that participation with a partner in high adrenaline activities (watching a thriller, riding a roller coaster, climbing, etc.) produces hormones that cause arousal. 

During stressful situations, adrenaline is released into the blood. Thereafter, the brain produces dopamine — a pleasure hormone that rewards the body for overcoming stress. 

After sexual activity, the affection given to your partner will certainly intensify.

If you are not a thrill-seeker, exercise with your partner. The effect will be similar.

Talking to your partner after sex can improve your relationship.

Discussing your fantasies or things you enjoy can benefit your relationship and love life.

If you can engage in frank personal pillow talk for couples, you will see positive effects.

All the tips for healthy sex life are quite simple. Be open, honest to your partner, and don’t hesitate to experiment! Together you’ll find the key to the best sex of your life. If you struggle, though, consider going to a therapist together.






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