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    PCOS and Unexpected Pregnancy: A Story from a Flo User

    Published 10 September 2019
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    Check out the story by Jordan — a Flo user — who became a mom to a little princess and is now planning her second pregnancy despite being diagnosed with PCOS.

    Most women want and expect to have children. But women who have chronic health conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), usually have concerns about childbearing, including whether they can get pregnant. For some of them, PCOS may turn into a pregnancy they didn’t plan. 

    Meet Jordan

    Jordan S., 21, is a full-time mom to a two-year-old daughter. She’s also a wife, teacher, and student. “My life is crazy but I wouldn’t want it any other way,” she admits.

    For years, Jordan suspected she might have PCOS.

    In Jordan’s case, the most prominent symptom she had was irregular cycles. She would go months without a period.

    That’s why she wasn’t worried when she missed her period for another two months. She didn’t know she was pregnant until she was about 10 weeks. Jordan was shocked and surprised. Luckily, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

    Other PCOS signs Jordan had were trouble losing weight, acne, and trouble conceiving! Yes, you read it right. Jordan is now trying to get pregnant with her second child. So far, unsuccessfully.

    Flo Health Assistant

    Jordan has been using Flo to track her symptoms, moods, and periods. 

    When Flo Health Assistant mentioned the possibility that Jordan may have PCOS, she wasn’t surprised. She had always thought she might have it, but Flo gave her the push she needed to bring her concerns up to her OB-GYN.

    Living with PCOS

    When we asked Jordan how her life has changed since being diagnosed with PCOS, she said the following:

    Since being diagnosed with PCOS, I have taken steps to eat healthier and cleaner, and I’m working with my OB-GYN to help me conceive baby number 2. I’m glad I was able to use Flo’s Health Assistant as the push I needed to talk to my doctor or I wouldn’t be doing anything about my PCOS and making healthier choices for myself.

    Jordan’s advice for other girls and women diagnosed with PCOS

    I encourage all women diagnosed with PCOS to find support and talk to your doctor. It’s very important to get your symptoms under control and take the right steps to improve your health.


    If you’re experiencing any PCOS symptoms — acne, mood swings, irregular periods — it’s best to work with your OB-GYN and endocrinologist to get to the root cause. Tracking this with Flo is a great idea because it will provide your OB-GYN with a detailed picture of your health patterns.

    In some cases, lifestyle changes — like reducing sugar intake, practicing stress management techniques, or losing weight — may be enough. In other cases, your healthcare provider should recommend the next steps.

    And remember that PCOS isn’t a life sentence for infertility. You can still get pregnant, naturally or with fertility treatments.

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