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    60 Scottish baby name ideas

    Published 20 June 2022
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    If it’s a Gaelic name you’re after, here’s a list of Scottish baby names for girls and boys.

    Choosing a baby name isn’t always easy, which is why so much thought often goes into it. Some parents like to choose from the most popular names of the moment, while others prefer something more vintage for their newborn. Then there are those who seek inspiration from nature, from popular culture, or from places.

    Scottish baby names aren’t just common amongst those living in Scotland. They may also prove popular among those who may have an affinity with the culture of the lush nation, those who have family heritage there, or even just those who like a Gaelic spin on things. 

    If you’re after a Scottish baby name for your new baby, we’ve got a wealth of suggestions below, from the most popular baby names in Scotland right now to some more traditional, familiar Scottish names.

    The most common baby names in Scotland right now

    Like most countries, Scotland keeps a record of the most popular baby names given to newborns in the country each year. The most recent data gathered by the National Records of Scotland is for all the babies born in the year 2020. So which are the boys’ names and girls’ names topping the charts in Scotland most recently? As you’ll see, it’s a real mix of distinctly Scottish names with some more modern influences from further afield …

    Most popular baby boy names in Scotland:

    1. Jack

    2. Noah

    3. James

    4= Leo

    4= Oliver

    6. Harris

    7. Rory

    8. Alexander

    9. Finlay

    10. Archie

    11. Lucas

    12. Charlie

    13. Alfie

    14. Theo

    15. Lewis

    16. Finn

    17= Brodie

    17= Thomas

    19. Mason

    20. Jacob

    Most popular baby girl names in Scotland:

    1. Isla

    2. Olivia

    3. Emily

    4. Freya

    5. Ava

    6. Sophie

    7. Ella

    8. Grace

    9. Amelia

    10. Lily

    11. Sophia

    12. Charlotte

    13. Evie

    14. Millie

    15. Maisie

    16. Rosie

    17. Mia

    18. Jessica

    19= Aria

    19= Ellie

    Classic Scottish baby names for boys:

    1. Callum — meaning “dove”
    2. Ewan — meaning “youth”
    3. Lachlan — meaning “from the land of lakes”
    4. Angus — meaning “one strength”
    5. Duncan — meaning ”dark warrior”
    6. Alistair — meaning “to defend” or “to protect”
    7. Cameron — meaning “crooked river”
    8. Fraser — meaning “of the forest men”
    9. Hamish — meaning “may God protect”
    10. Maxwell — meaning “great stream”

    Classic Scottish baby names for girls:

    1. Blair — meaning “field”
    2. Catriona — meaning “pure”
    3. Ailsa — meaning “elf or magical victory”
    4. Bonnie — meaning “sweet and good”
    5. Elsie — meaning “God is my oath”
    6. Annabel — meaning “loving”
    7. Morag — meaning “princess”
    8. Davina — meaning “beloved”
    9. Lorna — meaning “fox”
    10. Paisley — meaning “church” or “cemetery”

    Scottish baby names: The takeaway

    Hopefully we’ve given you some good ideas for a Scottish baby name that will work for your little one. But if not, why not take a look at some of our other baby name articles? We’ve got you covered with roundups of old-fashioned names, gender-neutral names, and even Biblical names. Whatever you settle on, we’re sure it’ll suit your baby perfectly!

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