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Natural Breast Enlargement: Can You Increase Breast Size Without Plastic Surgery?

Of course, the most surefire way to increase breast size is by means of plastic surgery, but there are still plenty of safe ways to make your breasts look bigger without invasive surgery. We’ve pulled together some ways you can achieve natural breast enhancement. You might be surprised at the techniques!

Breasts tend to slow their growth about two years after puberty starts. It’s not uncommon for breasts to change shape and grow a little more for the next few years. 

Breast growth tends to stop at age 18 but can continue into the early 20s. It’s also common for one breast to be a slightly different shape or size than the other. Breasts only change slightly with lifestyle changes, but there are two ways to change the appearance of breasts:

  • Breast surgery: Breast reduction makes the chest smaller. Breast augmentation makes the breasts larger. Both surgeries come with risks and may leave scarring. 
  • Natural breast enlargement: Even though genetics and lifestyle truly determine the shape and size of breasts, there are natural breast augmentations that may change their appearance. 

Changing the appearance of breasts can be as easy as an article of clothing or a different exercise routine. There are five different techniques you can try to achieve natural breast enlargement.

The breasts lay on top of muscles in the chest called the pectorals. These muscles support the rib cage and help with posture. Chest exercises can strengthen the pectorals and make them larger, in addition to improving posture These exercises can increase the circumference of the chest, which will make the breasts appear pushed a bit forward. Try these exercises below:

  • Wall presses: Stand in front of a wall and place your palms flat against it at chest height. Slowly lean forward till your head almost touches the wall. Slowly push yourself back to the starting position. 
  • Arm presses: Hold your arms out straight and bring them backward, past your body. Keep your arms straight and bring them forward, touching your palms together. Repeat this motion slowly, several times.
  • Arm circles: Extend your arms out to either side at the shoulder level. Rotate them forward slowly in a small circular motion. Then repeat the motion in a backward circular motion.
  • Horizontal chest press: Create an L shape with your arms, palms touching, in front of your body. Pull your arms apart and as far back as they go, maintaining the L shape. Bring them back together and repeat. 
  • Chest press extensions: Lay on your back and hold small weights in each hand. Let your elbows rest on the floor and keep the weights above you. Straighten your arms, level with your chest, and bring your arms back down slowly. 
  • Prayer pose: Keep your arms extended, palms together, fingers pointed out directly in front of you. Keeping your palms pressed together, bend your elbows out and pull your palms in, rotating them up into a prayer position as your thumbs touch your chest. Return to starting position.
  • Modified push-ups: Lay on your stomach and place your hands flat on the ground at chest level. Lift your body up, straightening your arms but keeping your knees on the ground. Use your body’s natural resistance to slowly lower your body back down to the ground.

If you enjoy an exercise routine already, you can add these to your routine. If you don’t normally exercise, you can use these exercises to develop a habit. Just do each one slowly, and try to maintain good form. 

As with all exercising, you need to listen to your body. Go slowly at first, and stop when your body is tired or if you feel any pain. When you do the same exercise routine every day, the motions become easier as your muscles get stronger. 

When you slouch at work or at home, your back rolls forward, your head droops over your shoulders, and your chest caves inwards. If you’ve wanted to know how to increase breast size naturally, do some posture exercises and lift the chest cavity. Good posture makes the breasts appear larger. Start with this simple posture:

  • Straighten your back.
  • Roll your shoulders back.
  • Pull back your head so your ears rest parallel with your shoulders.
  • Breathe deeply and look in the mirror. 

In addition to creating the appearance of natural breast enhancement, good posture can help with blood circulation, digestion, and mental awareness. Posture is important both while sitting and standing. 

Changing clothing is the easiest and fastest way to change appearance. A well-fitting bra can make the breasts appear larger.

A bra should support the breasts and eliminate or reduce back strain. Make sure your bras are the correct size by using a fitting guide online or going to a store where the associates can fit you. It’s best to find a store that offers a large range of sizes, beyond A–DD cup sizes. Padded bras can create visual breast enhancement. Try different styles of padded bras to see which shape you want to wear. 

Some options may work better than others. Some options out there are untested and are even proven dangerous. 

Saline and silicone breast implants look good after recovery, but many women need additional surgeries within three years. Some of the risks involved are:

Breast enlargement pills are not under FDA guidelines, so they may contain an unsafe amount of herbs or chemicals or contain ingredients that aren’t on the label. 

Our bodies are all unique and different. The best way to become happy with appearance is to love yourself on the inside. If you want to enhance your breast size, natural breast enlargement is far safer than surgery and offers health benefits like stronger muscles and improved posture.



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