September 06, 2018

Your Life, Your Flo: Share Your Story

Every day, we go through tons of emails and comments on social media to gather and analyze your feedback on how you use Flo to better understand your body and take better control of your health. We are proud that Flo makes you look, feel and act as your best self. This is what motivates us to move forward.

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How do you use Flo? Which features are your favorite ones? Share your story today!

After all, there are tons of reasons to love Flo. You can use it as a:

  • Period calculator
  • Ovulation calendar
  • Fertility window tracker
  • Upcoming period predictor
  • Pregnancy calculator & tracker
  • Week of pregnancy tracker

Or simply enjoy the app to get the following:

  • Weight, daily sleep duration, water control
  • Physical activity control
  • Smart analytics
  • Daily health insights based on your data
  • Support from the amazing Flo community from around the globe

Tell us how Flo helps you take control of your health and lets you live your life.

Whether you’re regulating your period, trying to get pregnant, or managing your health in general, we want to hear your story! Comment, DM, or submit your story to

Let’s empower all women to live their life with their Flo.