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Coregasm: Is It Possible To Achieve Orgasm While Working Out?

Maybe you read a thread of Reddit about them, or heard whispers of their occurrence from other women at the gym or your local pilates class. Well, guess what? The rumors are true. Having an orgasm during exercise is possible and it might be more common than you think. When it happens, it's called a coregasm and it might be about to make your next workout a whole lot more interesting.

A coregasm is an exercise-induced orgasm, which is actually the official term. It gets the term coregasm because it occurs most frequently when people are performing core workouts. But that’s not the only way for people to achieve an orgasm while exercising. Some people can reach an exercise orgasm from biking, running, swimming, or even yoga postures. And there are a lot of cases reported about weightlifting causing a happy ending at the gym, too.

While the science about this isn't conclusive, it seems that almost anyone can have a coregasm and they are not just happening to women. In a study by Sex Researcher Debby Herbinick which was published in the 2014 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, Debby and her colleagues found that out of the 2000 men and women surveyed, 10% of them had actually had an exercise-induced orgasm. Even with this pretty high number of coregasm occurrences, there is minimal research in this area and we still don't know what the cause is. But scientists and personal trainers do have a few ideas. 

Things like body alignment, anatomical differences and your emotional state all influence your ability to have a workout orgasm. Coregasm for females is largely considered to occur as a result of the pelvic floor recoil. This is where abdominal and pelvic floor contractions cause stimulation by increasing pressure on multiple areas surrounding the pelvis and genitalia. With men, it is a different thing entirely as the anatomy is so different. But, it is believed that the culprit for male coregasms is actually internal muscle pressure stimulating the prostate.

Of course, exercise can create physiological and mental precursors of arousal which lead to orgasm. So sometimes along with the physical aspects, you are just in a sexy state of mind.

An orgasm during exercise tends to feel different from woman to woman but there are some commonalities. Most women claim that they feel different to an orgasm brought on by sex with a partner, or a masturbation-induced orgasm. It occurs much deeper in the body and feels more muscular and has less of the tingle and build up of a clitoral orgasm. You still get that awesome rush and then an explosion of release but it likely won't be as intense as an orgasm from sexual activities. A lot of people also claim that they actually have more control over the orgasm. Although it can come on fast, they can usually stop it before they actually reach climax.

As you know, core exercises are the main activities that can cause an orgasm while working out. In particular, the exercises that engage the lower abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. The abovementioned study also found that the most common ab exercise that results in a coregasm is the Captains Chair. This is when you hold yourself up in a chair with armrests and no seat so that your legs hang down freely. You then lift your legs out at a 90-degree angle, keeping your back straight, or bend your knees up into your chest. This engages the core muscles and works them pretty intensely!

If you want to stick to floor exercises, try flutter kicks, hip thrusts, or squats, These exercises all engage the lower abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. Or, if you prefer yoga then test out the Pigeon Pose, which opens your hips and engages your pelvis.


Of course, it's not just the exercise itself that is important, a lot of achieving a coregasm comes down to how you are exercising. For humans to reach orgasm, there needs to be a lot of blood flow through the pelvis and genital region. So, doing some cardio to get your heart rate up first can help your chances. This is particularly true for women, as increased blood flow engages our sympathetic nervous system and heightens our arousal responses to sexual stimuli. There is also the added bonus that exercise releases the brain chemicals serotonin and endorphins which are both associated with arousal. 

Once you are warmed up, you can move onto your exercise of choice. If you are working the abdomen it is important that you work really hard, as you need to fatigue the core muscles. This could mean doing more reps or a harder exercise, as most women state that they only achieve a coregasm when their muscles are exhausted. You also need to pay attention to your body while you are exercising and allow yourself to really feel everything that is going on inside your body. That means no trying to block out the pain either. You need to feel it all if you want to be able to zone in on the pleasure responses too. 

And, if you aren't already doing your kegel exercises every day, now might be the time to start. Orgasms need the pelvic floor to contract to climax so the stronger your muscles are, the easier it should be for your body to reach orgasm. 

While orgasms are amazing and feel seriously good, sometimes having a fitness orgasm, and especially a gym orgasm just isn't ideal. Some people will love the idea of having an orgasm at gym classes, and others won't, and that's fine too. If you are one of the latter, there are actually some ways that you can prevent coregasms and stop them in their big orgasmic tracks if you feel one coming. Pun intended. 

Having a coregasm in part comes down to overworking your abdominal muscles, so if you want to avoid fitness orgasms, it will help you to slow things down a bit. Do fewer reps per set than you usually would and really focus on making the ones you do perfect every time. That means forgetting that crappy few reps at the end that barely resemble the exercise anyway. Focus on your form instead of your reps. 

Being mindful will also go a long way here, too. In the same way, that you can focus on the pleasurable aspects of an exercise to entice a coregasm to happen, you can use that same focus to stop one in its tracks. If you feel it happening, slow down, change the exercise, or stop entirely and let the feeling pass. You can repeat the same exercise when your body has cooled off a bit or just move onto the next exercise for the day. 

The thing with coregasms is, a lot of actually having them comes down to mindfulness and being able to bring the right muscles into your awareness and contracting them in a way that makes you orgasm. If you are someone who struggles to orgasm alone or with a partner, then this may actually be an extremely helpful skill for you that will translate into pleasure away from the gym. You may have a coregasm one day or you might not — that's fine. Either way, it seems like a pretty good way to spice up your workout routine and help you stick to your schedule. The elusive big O on the go. Literally.


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