Lockdown Diaries

How we'll be different after the pandemic

The pandemic has been hard on all of us, bringing with it a lot of insecurity, uncertainty, and isolation. But on the bright side, being at home has enabled many of us to feel more in tune with our bodies and minds.

Read the stories of seven women — doctors, patients, business owners, musicians, photographers, and moms — all members of the Flo community who have gone through a personal transformation over the past year. They talk about how the pandemic has impacted their relationship with themselves, how it has brought about lasting change, and what their plans are once it’s over.


‘’It’s a good feeling just trying to dress for me, try to bring my best self and my creative energy out.’’


‘’Your body is already beautiful because it’s unique, because it’s yours.‘’


‘’I started establishing a relationship with myself, as opposed to just focusing on the relationships that I have with other people.”


“This pandemic has certainly confirmed to me that my mind and spirit are strong enough to handle disappointments.”


“Knowing what was going on with my body was really liberating”


“I went through all these years of pain, and now I was back to being able to take care of my body.”


“I needed to make the most of the things in my control. This meant using food, exercise, and mindfulness as self-care, not as punishment. ”

Masha Kushnir: “There’s an opportunity to bring across the emotions of the moment we are all living through.”

This new remote photography series came about during a long period of isolation. It started in April with FaceTime calls I was having with friends living around the world and grew into this project with Flo.

Usually in offline photoshoots it takes time to help everyone feel comfortable and trust you. Nowadays, when the only possible location is a person’s house, there’s an opportunity to explore something new and bring across the emotions of the moment we are all living through.

Photoshoots that are made at home are the most authentic and truthful. Sometimes it takes a moment for people to fully let me in since I’m a stranger, but once they do, I always find unbelievable hospitality and openness.