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Clitoral Pump: Clitoral Suction Pump Stimulation

When used correctly, a clitoral pump can enhance sexual pleasure. Whether you try it by yourself or with a partner, you can achieve orgasms and discover a whole new type of sensation. 

A clitoral pump is a device specifically designed to be placed over the clitoris (or entire vulva in some cases). A clitoral pump increases blood flow to the clitoris to enhance sexual pleasure. 

The pump uses suction motions to create a vacuum, enlarging the genitals and providing additional stimulation. Most clitoral pumps are manual, giving you full control over the suction mechanism. A vibrating clitoral pump can help boost sensation even further. 

As with any sex toy, read all the instructions carefully before using a clitoral pump. Suction and intensity may vary, and using the pump too long could cause tissue damage. 

As long as you’re careful and follow the instructions every time, a clitoral pump can be a great new toy to try in the bedroom!

Everyone is different, so there’s no single perfect clitoral pump for everyone. It’s important to take your personal anatomy into account when choosing a clitoral pump, in addition to the quality and cost. 

When choosing any sex toy, quality should be your priority. You may have to spend a little extra money, but a higher-quality clitoral pump is more likely to perform better and be a lot safer. Safety is key when using these devices. Too much vacuum intensity can damage your clitoral tissue and be painful. 

Stick to reputable brands, and select something that matches your size and shape.

While many clitoral pumps look similar, they vary in size. If you want all the stimulation to be focused on your clitoris, select a smaller cup size. If you want your entire vulva to be covered, a larger device will be the best clitoral pump for your needs. 

Also, make sure to consider your anatomy when making your decision. All clitorises are different shapes and sizes, with different clitoral pumps to match. Most reputable brands will feature measurements for each clitoral pump.

Virtually all traditional clitoral pumps feature a manual pump with a corresponding suction cup. Most are made out of silicone (including vibrating clitoral pumps) because it’s flexible, soft, and comfortable to use. 

Silicone is also non-porous, meaning it’s super hygienic. As long as you wash your clitoral pump thoroughly after each use, you won’t have to worry about bacteria. 

Clitoral pumps come in a variety of colors, with plenty of bright or neutral options. Some are also transparent, allowing you to watch your clitoris change size with each pump.

There are three primary types of clitoral vacuum pumps. These include: 

  • Simple clitoral pump, featuring a suction cup connected to a manual pump via a silicone tube
  • Vibrating clitoral pump, with an included vibrating bullet controlled by a separate remote. More modern, electrical pumps feature built-in vibration mechanisms, controlled with buttons on the device. 
  • Double-sided clitoral pump, featuring smooth and textured cups so you can experience soft spikes or small bumps against your clitoris for enhanced sensation.

While traditional clitoral pumps may look complicated, they’re simple to use. First, apply a small amount of lubricant to the edges of the suction cup. This will help it stay in place, provide better suction, and enhance feelings of comfort by avoiding chafing. 

Once the cup is in place, begin using the accompanying pump. Start slowly and pump your clitoris/vulva to your desired level of sensation. Make sure you know exactly where the release valve is on your clitoral suction pump so you can quickly release all air when the time is right.

Never pump to excess. Most experts recommend not using your clitoral pump for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Remember that these toys shouldn’t cause pain. If you begin feeling sore and notice your genitals are turning a dark shade of purple, stop immediately and use the release valve. 

If you engage in other sexual activities after the pump is removed, it’s important to remain alert to any possible changes. If you notice your clitoris or labia are noticeably swollen or discolored, seek professional advice. There may be multiple reasons behind swollen labia, but if it’s long-lasting or painful, speak to your doctor.

Clitoral pumps can also be used alongside other toys/manual stimulation to achieve orgasm. After pumping to your desired level of stimulation, remove the pump, and then stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator or your fingers. Listen to your body, as your clitoral pump will significantly enhance sensitivity. 

The clitoris is full of nerve endings, so direct stimulation after you remove the pump could be too intense. Start slowly and increase the intensity gradually. You can try adding in vaginal massage to experiment with different levels of stimulation. 

If you’re using a vibrating clitoral pump, this will likely be enough to reach orgasm without any extra stimulation. Many vibrators come in different speeds, intensities, and patterns.

A real asset in the bedroom when used correctly, a quality clitoral pump has the potential to transform your sex life. Built to boost sensation, a clitoral pump can enhance your orgasm and make a great addition to your sex toy collection.





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