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Vaginal Massage: The Ultimate Guide

In general, massages are intended to relieve tension, improve circulation, and melt away stress. But does the same go for vaginal massage? Here’s Flo’s comprehensive overview of vaginal massage, including its health advantages and potential safety concerns.

What is vaginal massage?

Vaginal massage is exactly what it sounds like: a massage that targets the area in and around your vagina. Also known as yoni massage, vaginal massage has been around for centuries, and it’s believed to have originated in Tantric philosophy.

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the word “yoni” means womb. Within this sacred context, a woman’s womb connotes an energetic space where the source of all power and creation lives. For this reason, vaginal massage was more of a spiritual practice than an overtly sexual one.

Today, vaginal massage is a specialized technique involving your vulva, and in some cases, the inside of your vaginal canal. You may engage in vaginal massage by yourself, with the help of a partner, or a vaginal massage practitioner.

Although scientific research has yet to definitively prove the claims made by experts in vaginal massage, the practice is becoming increasingly popular for its purported benefits. Vaginal massage is said to improve vaginal sensitivity, alleviate tension in your vaginal walls, and even enhance your sex life.

Vaginal massage is capable of being a pleasurable experience and could help heighten sexual enjoyment.

The characteristics of a vagina massage will vary depending on who is performing the procedure. Note, the final goal of the massage isn’t necessarily to produce an orgasm. However, vaginal massage is capable of being a pleasurable experience and could help heighten sexual enjoyment.

If you decide to opt for a vaginal massage from a qualified practitioner, they may first massage your body. It’ll allow you to relax a bit and become more receptive to a vagina massage. They may also encourage you to try certain breathing techniques or visualization exercises. Depending on your particular reasons for getting a vaginal massage, they might focus only on a vulva massage or the inner walls of your vagina. 

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What is the purpose of vaginal massage?

A woman receiving vaginal massage

Anecdotal evidence suggests a number of reasons for seeking a vaginal massage. Whether it’s to explore your sexuality or recover from physical trauma, vaginal massage can do the following things: 

  • It stimulates blood flow and increases circulation, which is beneficial if you experience numbness or pain in the area during sex.
  • Vaginal massage is known to offer some relief from the physical pain associated with childbirth.
  • Some use vaginal massage as a treatment therapy after experiencing sexual violence or trauma.
  • In a clinical context, vaginal massage is sometimes referred to as pelvic floor massage (PFM). PFM often serves as a remedy for myofascial pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, vulvodynia, or incontinence.
  • Vaginal massage positively contributes to your overall health and emotional well-being, with the potential to deliver an improved sex life.

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Is vaginal massage safe?

It’s important to remember that vaginal massage isn’t a regulated type of massage. That means anyone could claim to be an expert in the practice without formal credentials.

If you choose to receive a vaginal massage from someone other than your partner, then here are a few key safety tips:

  • Do your research on vaginal massage practitioners. See if they have any online reviews or client testimonials. Other alternative health care providers, like a sex therapist or pelvic health specialist, might be able to make a referral.
  • Speak with your vaginal massage practitioner beforehand. Share your concerns and ask them questions so you know what to expect before booking a vaginal massage.
  • Remember, it’s your choice. You should never expect to receive a vaginal massage without providing explicit consent for one.
  • You have the option to change your mind at any time. If you’re getting a vaginal massage and something doesn’t feel right, or you don’t want to continue, speak up. You have every right to end the massage whenever you wish.

Try self-massages

Self-massage is an excellent way for you to learn about what makes your body feel good. Plus, the more you know about what you like in bed, the better you’ll be able to communicate that to your partner.

Take your time to explore different hand movements in and around your vagina, like pressing, pulsing, rubbing, or circling to see what you enjoy.

Although self-massage may lead you to climax, that doesn’t have to be the end goal. To engage in vaginal massage, start by caressing your whole body, including your breasts and any other erogenous zones. Then, gently touch the surface of your vulva, including the vaginal lips, pubis, perineum, and clitoris. Take slow, deep breaths as you touch your vagina and notice any sensations that arise. Take your time to explore different hand movements in and around your vagina, like pressing, pulsing, rubbing, or circling to see what you enjoy.

Also consider using a yoni egg, which is designed specifically to insert into your vagina during vaginal massage. It stimulates and tones the muscles of your vaginal walls.

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Vaginal massage is gaining in popularity as a way for women to experience better sex and enhanced pleasure. Just be sure to seek out a professional vaginal massage practictioner you trust. Or simply try a vagina massage on your own, or with a partner, to reap the benefits. 

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