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Shower Sex: Tricks, Best Positions, and Precautions

Whether you’re looking to spice things up or trying to find the best way to have sex in the shower if you’re on your period, having sex in the shower can enhance your sex life. So if you want to know how to have sex in the shower, read on. Because sex in a shower also includes slippery surfaces, soap, and possible injuries, we’ve got the details to keep you safe, plus a few new positions you might want to try for the ultimate shower sex. 

Shower sex is a common way for couples to incorporate something new and exciting into their love lives without having to leave the house. 

For some folks, having sex in the shower can be a lot of fun. Shower sex can also be playful. And if you’re pressed for time in the morning, there’s no disputing that having sex in the shower is a great way to multitask.

You may want to start your sexual intimacy in the shower and move to the bedroom, or vice versa. If you’re wondering how to have sex in the shower, follow our tips for safety. 

It can be challenging to explore new areas for sexual intercourse when you’re used to the bedroom. You may not feel comfortable having sex in the shower.

Here are some tips to help you find your groove when you’re having sex in a shower:

  • Make it steamy: Your showerhead is most likely only designed to cover one person with water. Having sex in the shower can make you quite chilly. Turn up the heat in the shower to ensure the steam keeps you two warm, in and out of the water flow.
  • Use lube: Water is actually drying and wicks away the natural oils and lubricant. You need to use a lube that doesn’t wash away easily in water or penetration will be very dry and maybe even painful. 
  • Be creative: Penetration may not be the best way to have sex in the shower. And if you don’t have lube, it may not be very pleasant. Try to be creative. Oral sex or foreplay are great options. Explore each other’s erogenous zones.
  • Try different positions: You’ll most likely be standing in the shower with your partner, so try unique shower sex positions to make it more fun. Take advantage of shower benches or chairs. 

If you’re curious about shower sex but are unsure of shower sex positions, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite shower and bathtub sex positions. 

Having sex in a shower can be really sexy and really fun. But if you’re not used to it, you can end up with an aching back or sore knees. Here are some tips for how to have sex in the shower.

Shower sex positions and bathtub sex positions are completely different than positions you’d normally use on a bed. The surfaces of the shower and bathtub are firm and slippery. If you try to have sex missionary-style, both of you probably won’t fit. 

Try these top shower sex positions:

  • Sit and ride: This is one of the popular bathtub sex positions. Have your partner sit on the floor of the tub and straddle them, facing each other. Use the walls for balance.
  • Standing doggy style: This may be the best way to have sex in the shower.  Place your hands on the shower wall, bend your knees a little, and lean forward. Your partner can penetrate from behind.
  • Leg up: Face your partner and put one leg up on a shower chair or tub edge behind them. This gives you more access to standing penetration. 
  • Back up: This is the same position as leg up, only you are facing away from your partner.
  • Reverse cowgirl: Have your partner sit on the shower floor or a shower bench and sit on them, facing away. Use your partner’s knees or the walls for balance.

These bathtub sex positions are great, but don’t be afraid to play around and make up your own. Just be sure you have a secure balance and you feel safe.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when having shower sex. Because the environment is wet and there are slippery elements like soap, shampoo, and conditioner present, you should follow safety precautions. 

Think ahead and plan for how to have sex in the shower: 

  • Soap: Maybe you and your partner want to wash each other before or during shower sex. That’s great, but remember that body soap should never be used on your genitals. If you end up getting any soap in or around your vulva or vagina, be sure to rinse it off completely before continuing. When soap remains on your vulva, it can cause itchiness or a rash and make your vaginal tissues dry. 
  • Slippery floor: Some bathtub sex positions can be dangerous, so make sure your shower or bathtub floor has a grip mat or grippy dots stuck to it. They give your feet traction so you can stand more securely, even when lube, soap, or conditioner slicks up your floor. 
  • Water-safe toys: Be sure to look at your packages and use only water-safe sex toys
  • Water-safe lube: Don’t use a water-based lube. Use a silicone lube while you’re in the shower. It will reduce friction and make sex easier in the wet elements. Silicone lube should not be used with silicone sex toys.
  • Condoms: To protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy, you should still use a condom in the shower.
  • Dry off well: Damp and warm conditions make a perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria. Rinse off well and dry off completely after you shower. If you don’t dry off your vaginal area, you can put yourself at risk for developing a yeast infection. 

As long as you keep these tips in mind and plan ahead, your shower sex will be safe and enjoyable. The last thing to keep in mind is consent. Communication is important, so be honest, and let each other know how things feel. Take things slowly and carefully. 

Shower sex can be liberating, intimate, and fun. Switching things up for you and your partner can bring a breath of fresh air into your relationship. 

Learning how to have sex in the shower can be challenging, but if you prepare, your shower or bathtub sex can be great. You don’t have to go all out and try penetration in the shower on your first try, either. The best way to have sex in the shower is to take it slow. Bring lube, make sure your surfaces have grip mats, and get your steam on.

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