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Anti-Rape Underwear: Is This a Real Thing?

Anti-rape underwear — is it just a startup idea or can you really buy it today? Are there other types of anti-rape clothes? Let’s try to investigate this little-known concept.

What is anti-rape underwear?

Anti-rape underwear it’s a new, crowdfunded line of durable, tight, and cut-resistant clothing. The underwear is difficult to tear and remove, acting as a barrier for potential attackers.

The products are designed for every woman who’s looking for a way to feel safer at night. For every parent who’s worried about their loved one. Their aim is to make women and girls safer when out on a first date, clubbing, taking an evening run, traveling in another country, or are in other potentially risky situations. Whatever the situation may be, the product offers a layer of protection against sexual assault.

Before locking them in place, the wearer can adjust the thigh straps to a comfortable position. Once the thigh locks have been set, the leg openings cannot be lifted or shifted to the sides. The waist strap is similar but has a special lock which can only be opened using clock hand positions which are easy for the user to remember. 

The creation of the anti-rape clothing lines is due to the high number of rape cases on a global level. In the United States, there are more than 300,000 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year. The police in the European Union recorded nearly 80,000 cases of rape in 2015. Moreover, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that sex assaults increased for the sixth consecutive year in 2017. 

To make things worse, the justice systems in the world often fail victims of sexual assault and women are even discouraged from pressing charges. The anti-rape underwear is a movement that is offering women support while society raises awareness against sexual assault and puts rapists behind bars.

What do we currently know about anti-rape underwear?

The first company to produce the anti-rape underwear is called AR Wear (AR stands for Anti-Rape). According to them, resisting sexual assault lessens the chance of a rape taking place without increasing the violence of the attack. 

The garments by AR Wear can be worn comfortably during normal activities and still be able to frustrate an attacker. The anti-rape underwear protects the wearer even if they had too much to drink or were drugged. 

The design of the anti-rape clothing is resistant to cutting and pulling. The pants have been designed using an innovative skeletal structure which allows them to remain soft. They have lock-in-place elements and can only be taken off by the wearer herself. Although it’s hard for anyone else to cut or pull them off, they’re still easy to put on and comfortable to wear. 

The second company that produces anti-rape clothing is located in Germany. The German designer that developer the clothing line was a victim of a number of sexual assaults which took place in the city of Cologne. This specific pair of underwear comes with a lock that needs a code to be removed. 

Both products are an equivalent of a new-age chastity belt. The public opinions on the products are mixed. Some people support the idea, saying that it can offer added protection to women. While others think that the anti-rape clothing prevents only one type of sexual assault, focuses on the wrong person and that the attacker is not always a stranger in the alley but someone we know very well. 

Are there other kinds of anti-rape clothes?

The same company that designed the anti-rape underwear, AR Wear, has also developed a prototype of running shorts with the same basic construction. They have plans to expand the anti-rape product line with traveling shorts soon. The company has been working on this project for a couple of years and needs financial support to continue developing high-quality anti-rape pieces of clothing. The clothing line aims to give women more power over what happens with their own bodies in case they’re assaulted. 

The German clothing line designed by Sandra Seilz, initially began as a personal project after Seilz was confronted by three men while jogging on a running track in the middle of the day. She has created two products, including anti-rape underwear and running shorts.

Controversy around anti-rape underwear

The global public is divided regarding its thoughts on the matter. Some people think that that this anti-rape clothing is yet another product of a society that teaches women to avoid being raped rather than men to avoid raping. 

They want to see more people donating to awareness-raising campaigns that aim to lock away more rapists rather than women’s vaginas. Their goal is to create a world in which women will walk freely without worrying about getting raped. 

What’s more, their motives might be good but there are still many issues around the anti-rape clothing. For example, they exclude many potential victims, including men, disabled people, children, and overweight people.

On the other hand, there are people who think that the anti-rape underwear will not solve the fundamental problem that rape exists in our world. However, as long as sexual predators continue to populate our world, the anti-rape clothing will offer better protection against some attempted rapes while the work of changing society’s rape culture moves forward.

To many women, the anti-rape underwear can bring a number of benefits. Women who are victims of rape often feel flashes of sickness and panic in crowded outdoor situations. Underwear of this kind might feel like an added support and protection in the recovery process. The world can be an awful place and if clothing lines such as this one manage to make it a safer place, then there’s no harm in trying. 

Despite the criticism and doubts over whether the project is a hoax, the company that created the anti-rape underwear, AR Wear, managed to raise over $50,000 via their crowdfunding appeal in Indiegogo.